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एमसीडी उपचुनावों में बीजेपी का नही खुला ख ाता , आप ने जीती मौजपुर की सीट।

एमसीडी उपचुनावों में बीजेपी का नही खुला खाता , आप ने जीती मौजपुर की सीट।

नई दिल्ली | अभी एक महीना पहले , देश की राजधानी दिल्ली में हुए एमसीडी इलेक्शन में बीजेपी ने प्रचंड जीत हासिल कर सत्ता रूढ़ आम आदमी पार्टी को करार झटका दिया था. इस हार ने जहाँ आम आदमी पार्टी में बूचाल ला दिया वही बीजेपी की बांछे खिल गयी. बीजेपी ने इसे मोदी लहर का नाम दिया तो आप ने ईवीएम् लहर का. बरहाल अभी हाल ही में हुए उपचुनावों में बीजेपी को करार झटका लगा है.

दिल्ली के मौजपुर और सराय वार्ड के लिए हुए एमसीडी उपचुनावों में बीजेपी का खाता नही खुला है. वही ये चुनाव आम आदमी पार्टी और कांग्रेस के लिए राहत की खबर लेकर आया है. जहाँ मौजपुर की सीट पर आप के प्रत्याशी ने कब्ज़ा जमाया वही सराय वार्ड पर कांग्रेस उम्मीदवार ने जीत दर्ज की है. सराय वार्ड पर भी आप के लिए राहत की खबर है. यहाँ उनका उम्मीदवार दुसरे नम्बर पर रहा। 14 मई को मौजपुर और 21 मई को सराय वार्ड में उपचुनाव हुए. इन दोनों ही सीट की आज मतगणना शुरू हुई. शुरुआत से ही मौजपुर सीट पर आप और सराय वार्ड सीट पर कांग्रेस के प्रत्याशी आगे चल रहे थे. इन दोनों ही सीटो पर बीजेपी के उम्मीदवार तीसरे नम्बर पर रहे. जहाँ मौजपुर की सीट आप उम्मीदवार रेशमा ने 699 मतों से जीती वही सराय वार्ड में भी आप उम्मीदवार को अच्छी खासी वोट मिली.

रेशमा को कुल 9374 वोट मिले हैं. वहीं दूसरे नम्बर पर रहे कांग्रेस प्रत्याशी को 8675 वोट मिले. उधर सराय वार्ड में कांग्रेस प्रत्याशी ने आप उम्मीदवार को करीब एक हजारो वोटो से मात दी. बताते चले की मौजपुर और सराय वार्ड के प्रत्याशी की मौत हो जाने के बाद इन दोनों जगह पर इलेक्शन स्थगित कर दिए गए थे. हालाँकि दोनों ही सीटो के परिणाम से बहुमत पर कोई प्रभाव नही पड़ेगा।

‘Stop attacking Kejriwal without evidence’: Yogendra Yadav’s open letter to Kapil Mishra

A day after suspended AAP leader Kapil Mishra apologised to his former colleague Yogendra Yadav for launching a campaign to oust him from the party, the Swaraj India president has written an open letter to him asking to abstain from negative politics.

In the 420-word letter which he put up on Facebook and signed as “your senior”, Yadav has advised his former AAP colleague that he should refrain from making allegations against Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal every day.

“I am not saying that all your allegations are false. Some of the allegations have lot of weight but for the rest you still do not have credible evidence,” he stated in the letter.

“If you keep making allegations every day, it will not end AAP but definitely end whatever faith people have in clean politics,” he said.

Questioning Mishra’s silence over the allegations that he is making against AAP and Arvind Kejriwal , Yadav said, “If you knew so much about the corruption in party, what where you doing in the party since past two years. Today, you should look for panacea rather than revenge.”

Responding to Mishra’s apology in the letter, Yadav said, “I heard your apology. However, instead of apologising to us, you should apologise to thousands of volunteers and lakhs of supporters and crores of Indians who have been cheated,” Yadav wrote.

The two former AAP leaders went on to form Swaraj India party after being sacked for anti-party activities in 2015.

He, however, appreciated Mishra for showing the courage to apologise.

“Many people commit mistakes but not everyone have the courage to take responsibility for their actions. Even though it has been a long time, your public apology will help heal the wounds of many of our friends,” he stated.

Referring to the incident in which he along with Bhushan was ousted from the party, Yadav said in the letter that his trust in humanity was shaken seeing the role Mishra and other former colleagues.

Mishra had launched a campaign to oust Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan from the party.

“Though you had hinted about it but I wish you will reveal the details of that episode too and bring the entire truth before the people of this country,” the letter read.

Kapil Bhai,

I heard your apology in the press conference yesterday. But I felt that instead of apologizing to Prashant ji and me (and also Anand ji and Ajit Bhai), you should ask for forgiveness from thousands of volunteers, lakhs of supporters and crores of countrymen who have been cheated. I am glad that by evening you too supported my point. Who doesn’t make a mistake? But not all show the courage to apologise for it.

A lot of time has passed. But your apology made in public will help heal the wounds of many friends. I had lost faith in humanity after I saw your role and that of your supporters in framing us and ousting us from the party. On your request, I had campaigned for you several times in your constituency. Just imagine how I would have felt when I had to hear you accusing me of being a traitor. And then you targeted our respected Shanti Bhushan ji! It still gives me shivers. Today you alluded to the truth of that incident, but when you feel it right, place the whole truth of that case before the country.

In your apology today, I also hear the voices of many old companions who feel ashamed of their actions; some of them have even privately sent their apology to me though they cannot speak up publicly. This has washed away the bitterness in me, if there was any.

Well, in politics, you are more competent than me. But if you do not take it otherwise, can I give you a suggestion? Stop doing these daily press conferences against Arvind Kejriwal. I am not saying that all your allegations are wrong. Some do carry weight though for others, there is no proof yet. Aam Aadmi Party cannot be cleansed by leveling allegations day and night. It will instead wipe off people’s faith in clean politics.

And if you knew all this, what were you doing there for the last two years anyway? Today, atonement suits you more than retaliation.

Kapil Bhai, negative politics is neither in your own interest nor in the interest of the country. For the last two years, I have spent most of my time on issues concerning farmers and rural India. Believe me, misdeeds of the Aam Aadmi Party leaders are not the biggest problem of this country.

80 shops gutted in Delhi fire


New Delhi, May 23: At least 80 shops were gutted after a major fire broke out in the city’s Chandani Chowk area on Monday night, officials said on Tuesday.

“A fire call in a saree shop was received at 10 p.m., following which 25 fire tenders were rushed to the spot,” a fire official told Media Sources.

It took over four and a half hours to douse the flames.

No one was injured in the blaze. The reason behind the fire is yet to be ascertained. The police has started a probe.

MCD bypoll results: BJP loses to AAP, Cong on 2 seats days after sweeping election


The Aam Aadmi Party dislodged the BJP in east Delhi’s Maujpur while Congress bagged the Sarai Pipal Thala seat in the municipal bypoll, results for which were declared by the Delhi Sate Election Commission on Tuesday morning. Now, of the 272 wards, BJP holds 184 seats, AAP 47 and Congress 31. The other have got 10 seats.

In Maujpur (ward 40 E), AAP candidate Reshma, who got 9374 votes won the seat. She defeated Congress candidate Rekha Sharma by a margin of 699 votes. Sharma managed to get 8675 votes. The Maujpur ward was held by the BJP’s Sanjay Jain (outgoing leader of house, EDMC) who had won the MCD elections in 2012 with 12,652 votes.

In Sarai Pipal Thala ward, which was carved out after delimitation, Congress candidate and former leader of opposition in North Delhi Municipal Corporation, Mukesh Kumar Goel, won the bypoll with 10, 946 votes. Goel was earlier a two-time councillor from Dhirpur ward. BJP candidate Mangat Ram Sharma got 8203 votes.

The bypoll took place on these two seats on May 14 (Maujpur) and 21 (Sarai Pipal Thala) due to the death of two Samajwadi Party candidates.

Naseema from Maujpur in East MCD and Dinesh Singh from Sarai Pipal Thala in North MCD passed away a few days before the municipal election on April 23, following which election in these two wards was put off. Naseema’s daughter Shaheen and Dinesh’s son Himanshu Singh were then chosen by the party to contest the bypoll.