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NCC training in college helped: Boy who locked leopard in room

A day after a leopard allegedly strayed into a house on the UP-Delhi border, leading to a wild chase by foresters, policemen and the district administration all through the night, officials from the forest department rescued the animal early Friday morning from inside the house it was locked inside. Forest department officials and residents of Bhopura, where the leopard had injured three people, including a 14-year-old boy, congratulated 22-year-old Ankit, who had raced towards his uncle’s house to lock the leopard inside a room in the house, for his alertness and bravery.

Scientists demonstrate 3D printing of organs in JNU

Scientists across the world are also working towards the development of artificial human organs.

New Delhi: The medicine and healthcare technology, which is facing a boon worldwide, is expected to be soon translated as success in India as well. For the first time, a gamut of scientists and biological engineering experts from across the world demonstrated 3D printing technology of cartilages and bones in an exclusive international meet held in JNU.