Youth Engagement and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Trust organized “Youth Assembly”

Youth engagement along with Maulana Abul Kalam Azad trust organized “Youth Assembly” on feb 24, 2019 in Platinum Jubilee guest house, Andhra university.

With this program the students will gain creativity and leadership skills. They also will be able to understand the assembly preceding and take part In the country development.

To take the youth from talk to walk, practicing conversations from a desk of representative become imperative. Youth assembly has been designed to enable participants to rehearse this act of engaging in fruitful debates.

Designed according to the rules and conventions of the procedures followed in the assembly of Andhra Pradesh, the participants will represent different political factions and will get a chance to experience the procedure of amendment through a private member bill, and will get an opportunity to debate and voice their opinions.

Andhra university vice chancellor Pro Col. G. Nageswara Rao, Abul Kalam Azad Trust Chairman Khaja Rahamatullah, additional public prosecutor Bharkat Ali Khan have participated in the event.

Students from 36 colleges participated in this event from different cities and discussed on the topic “Election Reforms”
In this program the participated students are separated into ruling and oppositions parties and taken part in the assembly proceedings. Ruling party leader in Mohammed Baji and opposition party leader is Mohammed Shanmad, V. Vinod as a speaker.

Nevertheless than the actual assembly , they discussed on the issues of public.
On this event they produced election reforms 2019 bill.

The students have discussed on this below and made the below reforms.

Minimum Education Qualifications to Public Representatives

Mandatory Enrollment as Voter to all eligible candidates, Mandatory Casting of Voting to all voters and NOTA option in all elections

Bringing Political Parties under RTI Act and disclosure of Funds/Donations collected by Political Parties

Permanent Prohibition to Criminals (crimes which involve moral turpitude) to contest in elections

No Child limit disqualification to Parents for Contesting in Elections (to remove disqualification for local body elections)

Public Representatives will be prohibited to contest in elections for 5 years if they breached anti-defection law (changing to parties other than on which party symbol they have won).

Establishment of Special Courts to deal with offences under this law.

On this bill opposition party leader has said that vote casting should not be put as mandatory because, they do not want to force the public they act on the public front.

Ruling party leader chief minister candidate Mohammed Baji said that we tried to put voting as fundamental right.
The democracy is defined as for the people, by the people and of the people said by the opposition ruler.

Opposition Party debated against “Mandatory Casting of Vote” saying it will eventually lead to poor quality of opinion expression.

All the members of House agreed upon mandatory educational qualification to become a policy maker. Also “No Child Limit” is opposed by the Members of the Assembly.” Anti-Defection should be extended to 6 years” said Zameer Ahmed, Opposition Member.

Guests Bhaarkat Ali Khan, Additional Public Prosecutor, appreciated for choosing the right topic and throw some light on requirement of qualification for Politics.

Vice Chancellor of Andhra University, Prof. G. Nageswara Rao spoke about How Andhra University has given two Vice-Presidents to the Nation. And inspired the youth about their participation on Politics and Nation Building.

President of Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, Khaja Rahmatullah, spoke about how this platform can help the youth can in understanding the Policy Making and inspire many in becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

The House witnessed several discussions on Family Rule and Involvement of Youth in Politics. Deepthi and Zameer won the awards as Best Speaker First and Second positions respectively. Organizers Rabbani, Himani, Manoj, Arudra, Manasa, Mounika, Parimala and Swati are appreciated for their efforts in making the event successful

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