7th Pay Commission: They Died For us, Do Not Cut Their Children’s Study Fund, Writes Navy Chief

New Delhi, December 6: Indian Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba has written to Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman requesting the government to retract its order that limits education reimbursement to the children of soldiers who were killed, got disabled or are missing after performing their duty, NDTV reported. Earlier the children of soldiers killed, disabled or missing were previously given a full reimbursement of tuition fees, hostel charges, cost of books, cost of uniforms and clothing. But now this been capped at Rs. 10,000 in a decision that was taken by the 7th Pay Commission.

“This small gesture would assure the families of our brave women and men that the nation cares for them and their sacrifices are truly appreciated by the government,” Admiral Lanba wrote in his letter addressed to Defence Minister.

“They have made supreme sacrifice for the country and the provision of educational concessions to their kids is a small gesture to recognise their commitment to the defence of the country,” Admiral Lanba wrote in his letter.

Previously, children of those soldiers who were killed, missing or disabled in the action were given a full reimbursement of tuition fees, hostel charges, cost of books, cost of uniforms and clothing. Now it has been capped to Rs 10,000 in an order that was issued by the government on July 1.

According to a rough estimate, after this decision, nearly 3,400 children of armed forces personnel were impacted.

According to a report, the Defence Ministry is taking a re-look at the decision. “The Defence Ministry is seized of the matter. But it is unclear if and when the government will reverse its order,” a source within Defence Ministry said to NDTV.

The education reimbursement was first introduced two days after the armed forces won the 1971 battle which led to the creation of Bangladesh. The reimbursement was a gesture to covey the country’s gratitude and support towards the children and widows of soldiers killed in the war.

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