Greater Noida Double-Murder: Woman, Daughter Found Dead in an Apartment in Gaur City; Son Missing

Greater Noida, Dec 6: A woman and her daughter were found murdered in their apartment in Gaur City, Greater Noida West. The duo were beaten to death by a cricket bat. The 15-year-old son of the woman is the prime suspect as he is still missing.

The son’s whereabouts are still unknown. The investigators are treating him as the prime suspect and are trying to locate him. Cops also suspect that a sharp object was also used to kill the victims.

The police found the door of the house locked from inside when they reached the spot. The murder may have escaped using the window of the bathroom. The bodies were covered with a blanket on a bed in the house.

The husband of the woman was not in the city as he had gone to Ahmedabad for a business purpose. There were six members in the family including woman’s parent-in-laws. The in-laws had gone to Uttarakhand when the incident occurred. The two women and the son was in the flat. Police are scanning CCTV footage to get some clue of the son. The woman is 42 year old, while the daughter was 10 year old.

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