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Republic Day 2017: What is the history of January 26?

On December 9, 1946 the Constituent Assembly met for the first time in the Constitution Hall of Parliament House, with the intention of putting together the document that would go on to form the backbone of the independent India’s government. Exuberant and full of hope, the 207 members out of 292 present in the first session started the debate and discussions which would continue for the next three months, culminating in the constitution of India.

Subsidy for e-rickshaws to fight pollution in Delhi

According to the government, the registered e-rickshaws will receive this aid in February.

New Delhi: In a move to encourage "non-polluting modes of public transport for last-mile connectivity," Delhi government on Tuesday announced a subsidy of over Rs 7 crore for registered e-rickshaws in the city. As per the government, this will help curb vehicular pollution in the national capital.