budget quote by Dr. Rupamanjari Ghosh, the Vice-Chancellor, Shiv Nadar University

Union Budget announcement by the Finance Minister, enclosed is a reactive quote on behalf of Dr. Rupamanjari Ghosh, the Vice-Chancellor, Shiv Nadar University around the education sector.

Request you to please consider the same for any story that you are planning.

“It is heartening to see that in the Union Budget 2018, the Finance Minister has allocated Rs. 1 lakh crore till 2022 to push research in technical and medical education under the Revitalizing Infrastructure and Systems in Education (RISE). In addition, the initiative to provide for an integrated B.Ed. program is a much-needed step towards training of our teachers. While technology is recognized to be the biggest driver in the education sector, technology alone will not enable, since it functions in our social system, and there are serious social challenges that the country still needs to address. I was also looking for specific incentives to enhance private and philanthropic participation and industry-academia collaboration in the sector, given that India spends only 0.7% of its GDP on research. A strong governmental push in the form of an innovation policy will help. The ‘PM research fellows’ need not be restricted to only elite public-funded institutions — one needs to create an entire ecosystem of excellence in the country, and not just a few islands of merit”, said Dr. Rupamanjari Ghosh, Vice-Chancellor, Shiv Nadar University.

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