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Woman Kills Ex-Lover With The Help Of Current Boyfriend

Shamshabad: In an incident straight out of films and television crime thrillers, a girl brutally killed her former boyfriend with the help of her current lover last Saturday. The incident which took place on October 20 went viral on media. The Cyberabad police solved the case yesterday. Both the accused were caught at Shamshabad airport. Shamshabad zone DCP N.Prakash Reddy revealed the details today to the media.

Eeramoni Shekar (24) from Gundugeri, Farukh Nagara mandal and Parveen Begum (18) who were from the same village had been in love for three years. Meanwhile, Asif Khureshi (23) came to Gundugeri 8 months ago to earn his livelihood. Parveen Begum met Asif and they decided to get married. Asif learned of the matter and questioned her about Shekar. She said that Sekhar borrowed Rs 4500 from her and was also sexually harassing her for some time. They both made an elaborate plan to murder Shekar.

On October 19th, Parveen Begum called Shekar to her house and made him drink alcohol, mixed with sleeping pills. As soon as he fell unconscious, Parveen Begum and Asif slit Sekhar’s throat and killed him. They threw the dead body between houses in the area and fled to Hyderabad. Later, they planned to leave for Mumbai and came to Shamshabad airport to catch their plane. There they were caught by the police and landed behind bars. Based on the previous criminal history of Asif, the police opened a history sheet under PD law.

Recently, in a similar incident, a man allegedly killed his lover and later surrendered in the local police station with her head. The man killed her for suspecting that she was in a relationship with another man. The incident took place at Chikkaballapura in Kancharlapalli, Karnataka. The accused Azeez (27) runs a mobile shop at Gaffar Khan street, Srinivasapuram.

Azeez who was already married got into a relationship with Roshan Khanam (24). Azeez suspected that Khanam also got into another relationship with a boy and planned to kill her. Azeez took Khanam to Chintamani on the pretext of taking her to the Dargah there. After finishing their prayers, he took her to a shed in the outskirts of the village. There he slaughtered Khanam’s head with an axe. Later, he came to the Srinivasapuram police station along with her head and surrendered.


Verma was doing ‘good job’, urge PM to reconsider action

Ahmedabad, Oct 25  BJP MP Subramanian Swamy on Thursday said CBI Director Alok Verma is an “upright officer” who was doing a “good job” to check corruption and urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reconsider action taken against him.

Swamy said he has full faith in the prime minister but claimed that those “around him” are trying to “harm the interests” of Modi as well as the BJP.

Verma and CBI’s Special Director Rakesh Asthana, who were at loggerheads, were divested of all powers and sent on leave by the government on Tuesday night.

Swamy, who was here to attend an event, told reporters that Verma was doing a “good job” in the fight against corruption.

“I urge the prime minister to reconsider removal of CBI director Alok Verma,” the BJP MP said.

“Alok Verma is an upright officer, while Asthana is a corrupt officer,” Swamy alleged.

Asked if he has any proof of the allegations that he was levelling against Asthana, Swamy said he never speaks anything without proper proof.

“Nirav Modi ran away, Mehul Choksi ran away and in the case of (Vijay) Mallya, the lookout notice was lowered for him to go. These things are affecting the BJP’s fight against corruption when it had promised that it will bring back black money stashed abroad,” he said.

Swamy also said he would withdraw himself from the corruption cases he had filed against senior Congress leaders if the Enforcement Directorate (ED) official Rajeshwar Singh was removed from the ongoing probe against former finance minister P Chidambaram.

Swamy, who has filed various cases against senior Congress leaders, claimed there were many “well-wishers” of Chidambaram in the BJP who were trying to save him.

He, however, did not name anyone.

“In today’s situation, ED officer Rajeshwar, if he is removed, then I will come to the conclusion that a conspiracy is going on to save Chidambaram. There are many well-wishers of Chidambaram in our party who are trying to save him.

“I will withdraw myself from all the cases filed against Chidambaram in the Supreme court, cases filed against Sonia and Rahul Gandhi in Patiala House (court) in the National Herald (case) and the case against Shashi Tharoor in the (alleged) murder of his wife,” he said.

“When I am fighting all these cases in the interest of the party and the nation, somebody from within is trying to backstab me. What else can I do,” the BJP leader said.

Source: PTI

Delhi’s Patiala House Court extends by 5-days CBI custody of Manoj Prasad, Dubai based investment banker who is accused of taking a bribe.

Delhi’s Patiala House Court extends by 5-days CBI custody of Manoj Prasad, Dubai based investment banker who is accused of taking a bribe. He was arrested on 17th October by CBI in Rakesh Asthana case.

President of India inaugurates International Arya Mahasammelan-2018

The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, inaugurated the International Arya Mahasammelan – 2018 today (October 25, 2018) in Delhi.

Speaking on the occasion, the President said that in the 19th century when we were considering our culture and beliefs inferior than the western culture, Swami DayanandSaraswati showed us the path of renaissance and self-pride. He was an intrepid warrior of social and spiritual reform. He took effective measures for educational and social reform especially for women empowerment and eradication of untouchability. His work is relevant even in the present times both for Indian society and the entire world.

The President was happy to note that this Mahasammelan with discuss on the issues such as prevention of superstition, modernization, women empowerment, tribal welfare, and management of natural calamities. He expressed hope that the Arya Samaj will also work to promote the use of solar and other alternative sources of energy to contribute towards environmental protection.

The President noted that around 10,000 units of Arya Samaj are engaged in welfare activities across the world. He said that the Arya Samaj has made effective contributions to promote modern education based on ethics and worked for the upliftment of all sections of society, especially women and the deprived. It has established many schools and colleges in the country.

The President said that we will be celebrating 200th birth anniversary of Swami DayanandSaraswati in 2024. We will also celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Arya Samaj in 2025. Swami DayanandSaraswati had worked for eradication of discrimination in society on the basis of caste, creed and sect and motivated everyone to become Arya – that is – the best. It is our duty to take the work of Swami DayanandSaraswati further.

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