Daily Archive: July 3, 2018

CPWD Employees Stage Protest Against Premature Transfer in front of their Head Office in Capital.

CPWD Employees Stage Protest Against Premature Transfer in front of their Head Office in Capital!

New Delhi: The premature transfer of Central Public Work Department Employees has brought into focus the issue of political interference in the Department.

A large number of Central Public Work Department (CPWD) employees in Delhi on Tuesday staged a protest in front of their head office. The employees staged a protest against the decision of Premature transfer in the department.

Speaking to Ten News, CPWD Agitated Employees said,
"Our work charged category transfer tenure is of 10 years. They have transferred employees in 6,7 and 8 years and the transfer list don’t have any details where these employees are getting Transferred. When we spoke in the administration they said, these transfer can’t be overruled."

They further said, "More than 40 employees have been given premature Transfer. They got transferred without completing their full tenure. If they will keep on repeating this transfer process we’l be transferred three times in two tenures."

"If these Premature transfers will not stop. We will protest in a big way at chief engineer office in Vidut Bhawan dailly," added CPWD Employees.

MP: 4-year-old minor in critical condition after brutal rape

Satna: A minor 4-year-old was brutally raped in Satna District’s Panna Village and abandoned by 23-year-old accused who was known to the victim’s family on Sunday night.

The accused Mahendra Singh Gaud who was known to the family lived near to the
victim’s house in parasmania village, PTI reported.

The accused is arrested while the minor is in critical condition said Uchehara police station in-charge Rajesh Sharma.

The victim will be airlifted to Delhi’s AIIMS hospital where she will undergo medical treatment on Tuesday said news sources.

“Gaud came to the house of the girl last night. As he is known to the family, the girl’s father went out for some work. In the meantime, Gaud took the girl with him to nearby Panna village and raped her. He left her there in the injured condition and went back to his home in Parasmania village,” Officer Sharma said, adding that the victim’s father returned only to find his daughter and the man missing.

“The man then gathered some villagers and went to the residence of Gaud and confronted him over the whereabouts of his daughter. Gaud then took them to the spot where he had left the girl,” the officer added.

The Police has booked the accused under various sections of the IPC and the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act and further investigation is on.

Meanwhile, MP Congress president and former Union minister Kamal Nath has strongly condemned the incident.

“The state government has framed a law prescribing capital punishment to those found guilty of such heinous crimes. However, such crimes are still going up as officials are shirking their responsibility,” the leader alleged.