Daily Archive: March 12, 2018

Sri Ram Sene’s Pramod Muthalik Acquitted In 2009 Mangalore Pub Attack Case

Pramod Muthalik, the chief of the Sri Ram Sene, and all others accused in the 2009 pub attack in Karnataka’s Mangalore were acquitted today due to lack of evidence.

"It is the victory of truth," said Muthalik, who was present in court.

In the assault that was caught on camera, women at a pub were dragged by their hair, slapped and manhandled by Sri Ram Sene activists, who accused them of "loose morals."

Muthalik and his outfit are notorious for their medieval-style diktats against what they believe is "cultural invasion."

In 2014, months ahead of the national election, Muthalik was recruited by the BJP and then disowned within five hours. Its embarrassed leadership at the centre expressed surprise at the decision of the party’s unit in Karnataka.