Daily Archive: February 6, 2019

OnMobile Global Limited renews its contract with Telefónica España

OnMobile Global Limited [NSE India: ONMOBILE] [BSE Ltd: 532944], a global leader in mobile entertainment, today announced the renewal of its contract with Telefónica España, S.A.U. (Telefonica) for another five years.

Telefónica is one of OnMobile’s largest customers. OnMobile has been providing videos, editorials, games and tones and a host of similar services to Telefonica’s subscribers since 2012.

The long-term contract renewal ensures continued revenue growth and is a testimony to the deep and trusted relationship that OnMobile has with Telefónica.

"Our strong portfolio of products and long-standing operator relationships including Telefonica has played an instrumental role in cementing our position as a global leader in mobile entertainment," said Iñaki Martín Velasco, President & Chief Operating Officer Americas and Europe, OnMobile Global Limited. "We strive to engage consumers in new ways by consistently providing them with future-forward products, and Telefonica has been a great partner in helping us to achieve this goal."

"We are excited about the long-term continuation of our partnership," said María Jesús Almazor, Consejera Delegada de, Telefónica España, S.A.U. "OnMobile’s strong mobile entertainment product offerings have helped establish Telefónica as a leading premier mobile entertainment destination in the industry. In the years ahead, we see a new opportunity for growth and continued success through our partnership with OnMobile."

Liberty Lifestyle further strengthens its presence in the market through strategic partnerships and initiatives

After a successful launch of its fragrance line in the country, Liberty Lifestyle has been focusing on their marketing initiatives and has been actively participating in various events and exhibitions to sustain growth and awareness for the brand. As part of their latest initiative, the brand was able to showcase a strong footprint in the NCR Region. Perfume lovers rejoiced at The Economic Times India Leadership Council as Liberty Lifestyle Perfumes were liked by the attendees.

Liberty Lifestyle was a part of the event that saw the presence of the famous F1 racer Narain Karthikeyan, who was presented one of premium perfume OUDGold by Mr. Adesh Gupta, CEO Liberty Lifestyle. Further, the esteemed members of The Economic Times Leadership Council and the eminent personalities who attended the session were also presented the perfumes.

Crafted by a leading French perfume house, Fermenich, which has been instrumental in choosing each scent keeping in mind the Indian culture and the weather conditions. Inspired by its unconventional spirit to live free, the new line encapsulates the idea of breaking free from the shackles of the stereotypical thought process and inspiring people to adopt the Scent of Freedom. Ranging from opulent florals to off-beat ouds, a total of 12 perfumes- 6 for men and 6 for women and an aftershave for men was launched by the brand.

At the event, Mr. Adesh Kumar Gupta, CEO, Liberty Lifestyle said, “We are thrilled to be a giveaway partner with India’s most esteem publishing group to showcase our products in Delhi NCR. It is an important market for us and we hope that Liberty Lifestyle Perfumes are a raging success among the young millennial and Gen Z here. Being a part of such a prestigious platform has helped us further strengthen our footsteps in the region and we are also looking at expanding our product portfolio by the end of next year.”

The entire range that is priced between INR 1699 to INR 2499 hasalready hit select Liberty Stores across the country along with e-commerce websites like Nykaa, Purplle, Amazon, Flipkart and Infibeam and is also available at exclusive kioks at The Mall of India in Noida and DLF Promenade Mall, Vasant Kunj, Delhi.

People Against Rapes in India (PARI) with family members demand speedy justice for rape victims

New Delhi: People against rapes in India (PARI) with family members of the rape victims on Monday organized a press conference at press club of India demanding speedy justice for rape victims. They demanded to expedite the investigation and trials to maximum 6 months and rapist should be hanged within a year so a strong message should into the society. They had also orchestrated a protest march from press club of India to vijay chowk in demand of Strong policies from government to prevent such heinous crimes.

Around 100 members participated in the press conference and protest march including Yogita Bhayana, social activist and founder, PARI, Bina Ramnani, Rape victim activist and well known fashion designer, Dr.Vikram singh, Social Activist & ex DIG Uttar Pradesh, Sunil kumar Singh, president Awarded, Activist & Advocate and family members of rape victims.

Referring to the general trend of blaming the family members for their negligence in missing out behavioral changes of the victim, a relative of the girl said the men raped her when she returned from school and went down to play inside the apartment complex. “When home campus itself is not safe for the children where else can safety be expected,” questioned the uncle.

He also said the victim was in much trauma and couldn’t talk about the incidents, observing that even for adult victims it would take time to speak out. The victim’s sister who also participated in the protest told Express that her sister was recovering and would join school after a few months.

Social activist & founder, People against rapes in India (PARI), Yogita Bhayana said “PARI is not an organization, and it’s a campaign by the people who are against the brutal act of rape. Every day 93 girls are raped and minimum 2 are killed after their rapes. In January 2019 many cases were reported in National Capital Delhi itself, where in girls were Raped and Murdered. This is a sad reality of our Country and it is a high time we must acknowledge it. The issue of Sexual violence should be the topmost priority of Government of India

Mitsubishi Corporation India, Metal One India and Isuzu Motors India jointly contribute to the National Road Safety initiative

In an effort to promote ‘Road Safety’ towards a sustainable future & contribute to the ‘National Road Safety’ initiative, Mitsubishi Corporation India, Metal One India and Isuzu Motors India jointly undertook a yearlong Road Safety CSR initiative in and around SriCity region (Chittoor District), Andhra Pradesh during 2018. The initiative focused on increasing road safety awareness and measures to reduce road accidents in and around the region. Concluding the first year agenda, ‘Road Safety Equipment & Tools’ were donated to local authorities.

Road Safety Awareness program was organised to the Bus Drivers who transport employees to the factories located in SriCity to commemorate this occasion with the support of District Transport Department.

As part of the initiative, ‘Electronic Safety Message Display System’ was inaugurated by Shri. S.A.V Prasada Rao (Joint Transport Commissioner – Road Safety, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh) in the presence of District Transport Commissioner, Shri. N. Sivarama Prasad DSP, SriCity, Smt. Vimala Kumari, District Fire Officer, Shri. E. Peddi Reddy and Mr. Ramesh Subramaniam – President & CSR In-charge SriCity.

Besides, ‘Emergency Rescue Equipment & Tools’ were presented to the authorities by Mr. Mamoru Yokoo – Mitsubishi Corporation India, Mr. Nobuyuki Onishi – Metal One India & Mr. Ken Takashima – Isuzu Motors India, to commemorate the 30th National Road Safety Week 2019, being held between 4th and 10th February, 2019.

The road safety initiative undertook by the three companies included activities such as Route Risk Assessment study on NH16, covering a total distance of nearly 75 km from Chennai to Sulurupeta via SriCity, Road safety awareness campaigns in Schools & Colleges, advanced safety training for drivers, setting up an Electronic Safety message display system at the state border check-post, donation of road safety items deployed across the 12 km Satyavedu State Highway, donation of emergency tools to local police and fire authorities. The companies partnered with ‘Earth Matters Foundation’ – an NGO and Hubert Ebner India Pvt. Ltd – a road safety expert team, for implementing these activities as part of its annual CSR initiative. The initiative continues to benefit all stakeholders, including commuters, local community, drivers, schools & colleges and AP Road & Highway authorities.

Participation Certificates were given to drivers who attended the Advance Driver Training programme conducted during the period.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Naohiro Yamaguchi, Managing Director, Isuzu Motors India Pvt. Ltd., said, “We are extremely happy to contribute to the ‘National Road Safety’ initiative. Our efforts have helped the commuters and all community stakeholders in the region and we strongly believe these initiatives will significantly reduce road accidents and promote road safety. I would like to thank the AP transport authority for supporting us with this cause and I wish them the best in their endeavours.”

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Eisuke Shiozaki, CMD, Mitsubishi Corporation India, said “As a global entity, we lay strong focus into various social improvement and welfare programs in each market we operate. While road safety gaining more attention in India, we are happy to extend our committed support to this cause, especially in the state of Andhra Pradesh. I sincerely thank all the officials involved for their full support in helping us to conclude various activities smoothly.”

जाते-जाते भी नेत्र-दान कर रोशन कर गयी संसार, सड़क दुर्घटना की शिकार विद्या देवी

राजा गार्डन से मायापुरी चौक के बीच में रिंग रोड राजौरी गार्डन की लाल बत्ती पर जहां पर बहुत वर्षों से स्थानीय नागरिकों की डिमांड है कि यहां सड़क पारकरने के लिये फुट ओवरब्रिज होना चाहिए।लेकिन आज तक न बना ,जिसके कारण आये दिन दुर्घटना होने से कई लोग जान गवां बैठे हैं। शक्रवार 1फरवरी कोभी सड़क दुर्घटना का शिकार बनी 64 वर्षीय श्रीमती विद्या देवी जो सी ब्लॉक राजौरी गार्डन की निवासी थी।हररोज की भांति सुबह की सैर करने के लिये सड़कपार बिंद्रा पार्क राजौरी गार्डन के लिये निकली थी जोकि उनके घर से चंद कदमों की दूरी पर है।वापसी में घर के बच्चों के लिए फल खरीद कर सड़क पार करतेवक्त बिना लाल बत्ती पर रुके एक कैब के ड्राइवर ने टक्कर मार दी।प्रत्यक्ष दर्शियों के मुताबिक टक्कर इतनी जोरदार थी कि विद्या देवी बहुत जोर से उछलकर सिर के बल सड़क पर गिर गयी।किसी ने 100 नम्बर पर कॉल की ।पुलिसकर्मी ही नजदीक में ई.एस. आई.हस्पताल लेकर गए।लेकिन डॉक्टर ने बताया किदुर्घटना के कारण मौके पर ही विद्या देवी की मृत्यु हो चुकी थी।पोस्टमार्टम के लिए शव को दीनदयाल हस्पताल ले जाया गया,जहां डॉक्टर्स ने विद्या देवी जीके दामाद जगदीप सेहरावत को बताया कि इनकी आंखों कॉर्निया के दान से छः लोगों की आँखों की रोशनी ठीक हो सकती है,जिसे तुरन्त जगदीप सेहरावत नेआग्रह स्वीकार कर नेत्र दान के लिए स्वीकृति प्रदान की।ऑल इंडिया मेडिकल इंस्टीट्यूट स्थित डॉ. राजेन्द्र प्रसाद नेत्र रोग हस्पताल की टीम द्वारा नेत्रों सेकॉर्निया सफलता पूर्वक निकाल कर सुरक्षित रखा गया।

मायापुरी से राजगार्डन चौक के बीचोंबीच राजौरी गार्डन की क्रॉसिंग पर स्थानीय जनता की वर्षों पुरानी मांग है कि यहां पर फुट ओवरब्रिज बनना चाहिए।लगभग 7 वर्ष पूर्व यहां पर फुटओवरब्रिज पास ही चुका था और कार्य भी शुरू हो गया था,लेकिन तत्कालीन राजनीतिक दबाव के चलते उस चलते काम को बंदकरवा दिया गया,जोकि जांच का विषय है।इस लाल बत्ती पर पूर्व में भी कई सड़क हादसों में कई लोग अपनी जान गंवा बैठे हैं,लेकिन प्रशासन के कानों पर जूंनहीं रेंगती।चैम्बर ऑफ ट्रेड एंड इंडस्ट्रीज़ के उपाध्यक्ष सन्दीप भारद्वाज ने बताया कि लगभग ढाई साल पहले यहां पर ट्रैफिक व PWD और अग्निशमनविभाग से फुटओवरब्रिज के बनने का सर्वे उन्होंने खुद खड़े होकर करवाया और सभी विभागों द्वारा ब्रिज की आवश्यकता और एन ओ सी की रिपोर्ट दाखिल होचुकी है और रिपोर्ट भी फाइलों में दबी हुई है।स्थानीय निवासी रमेश भाटिया ने पत्राचार की पूरी फ़ाइल दिखाई जिसमें दिल्ली सरकार और सम्बंधित विभागों कोपत्र लिखे गए हैं।

आज सभी नागरिकों में फुटवरब्रिज न बनने के कारण और विद्या देवी की दुर्घटना में मृत्यु होने का गुस्सा इतना ज्यादा था कि सभी नागरिक सड़क पर उतरआए व विद्या देवी को श्रदांजलि व प्रदर्शन का कार्यक्रम तय किया गया ।कुछ देर के लिये भीड़ ने रिंग रोड का ट्रैफिक भी बाधित किया जिसे खुद लोगों ने हीआपस नें समझ- बुझ से सुचारू रूप से चलने दिया।सभी ने एकस्वर में मांग रखी कि इस लालबत्ती पर यथाशीघ्र फुटओवर ब्रिज बने और उसका नामकरणविद्या देवी के नाम पर हो।प्रदर्शन के दौरान क्षेत्रीय विधायक शिवचरण गोयल ने भी उपस्थित जनसमूह को फुटवरब्रिज के कार्य को शीघ्र करवाने काआहवासन दिया।धरने प्रदर्शन में सन्दीप भारद्वाज,रमेश भाटिया,नरेंद्र कुमार चौधरी,सतीश लाम्बा,जगदीप सेहरावत,धर्मवीर आनंद,बबिता सेहरावत,किरणलढा,विमल छोपड,जीवन राम,अरुण भसीन,सन्दीप दहिया, अरुण भसीन,संजय तिवारी,विनोद सोनी,और बहुत बड़ी संख्या में RWA के साथ स्थानीयनागरिक उपस्थित थे।