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ब्रेस्टफीडिंग की तस्वीर पर ट्रोल हुईं अभ िनेत्री लिजा हेडन, लोगों ने दी सलाह- ‘आप गाय नह ीं हो’

ब्रेस्टफीडिंग की तस्वीर पर ट्रोल हुईं अभिनेत्री लिजा हेडन, लोगों ने दी सलाह- ‘आप गाय नहीं हो’

CBSE to help flood hit Kerala Schools and Students;

Ministry of Human Resource Development

Digital certificates/marksheets to be given to students of CBSE affiliated schools

As a special gesture to students from CBSE affiliated schools, whose board exam academic documents such as Marksheets/ Migration Certificates/ Pass Certificates have been lost or damaged in the Kerala floods, the Central Board of Secondary Education has decided to facilitate and provide digital mark sheets, migration certificates and pass certificates. Over 1,300 schools are affiliated to the CBSE in Kerala. Board exam academic documents are crucial for admission for higher studies and employment etc.

CBSE, in technical collaboration with NeGD, developed its own and first of its kind digital academic repository called ‘Parinam Manjusha’. This academic repository has been integrated with DigiLocker.

The digital academic documents being provided through Parinam Manjusha/ DigiLocker are digitally signed using digital signature of Controller of Examinations of CBSE which make them legally valid digital document as per the IT Act. These documents are also having PKI based QR codes and such documents can be verified for the authenticity using the DigiLocker mobile app.

How to get digital academic documents such as Mark Sheets/Migration Certificates/Pass Certificates from CBSE’s Academic Repository Parinam Manjusha:

1. The students can visit Parinam Manjusha website https://cbse.digitallocker.gov.in and download their academic documents using the login-id / password provided at the time of declaration of results on their registered mobile nos.

2. In order to facilitate the students again, the CBSE will re-send login-id and password of Parinam Manjusha/DigiLocker pertaining to students of the year 2016-2018 on their mobile nos provided with Class X/XII data.

3. For the students of 2004-2015, students of 2016-2018 who did not provide mobile no at the time of Class X/XII data or students who have changed their mobile nos.

(i) Such students can visit Parinam Manjusha website https://cbse.digitallocker.gov.in and link their Aadhaar to their account and get their digital documents by providing their roll number, class and year of examination.

(ii) Students who don’t possess Aadhaar or don’t remember their roll nos may approach to their schools directly or through their relatives to register themselves in order to get login credentials of Parinam Manjusha/DigiLocker. A link is being provided on CBSE website for the schools to register such candidates.

In case if any student finds any variation in his/her document, he/she may contact the CBSE Regional Office Thiruvananthapuram immediately giving roll number, name, class and year.

In case of any difficulty in Parinam Manjusha/DigiLocker account, students may write to support@digitallocker.gov.in giving roll number, name, class and year of exam.

Help in Affiliation Processes: In addition to the above, it has also been decided that all applications for extension of affiliation and up gradation will be processed immediately, provided the school has been running for the last five years and there is no complaint against the school. The last date for submitting school information at the Online Affiliated School Information System (OASIS) for affiliated schools in Kerala has also been extended upto 30thSeptember 2018.



For exciting Women, this Company introduces Bras and Knickers for Men!

As per the reports in leading news portal Mirror, HommeMystere is selling lacy bras and matching knickers for the male who wants to wear something a little more sexy underneath his clothes.

Although there is not an actual cup size, they are available for all bra sizes. So men who might enjoy the feel of silk on their partners can very well have the same feel brush against their skin. Silk, satin, lace all are made into matching knickers, baby dolls and even negligees.

And this is not a new site, they are very well into the business of dressing up men into sexy lingerie. The website states they are doing business for 9 years. They also have swimwear collection, so men can also enjoy the sexy beach vibe if they want to. The reviews on the site have girls writing all positive reviews about their collections.


1 dead, 25 critical after injected by the same syringe in hospital

A single syringe was used for all the patients at a district hospital in Madhya Pradesh’s Datia district following which one person died while 25 others are in a critical condition. The incident took place due to the negligence of the nurses.

The incident which took place on Monday evening has sparked outrage with patients demanding accountability from the hospital authorities.

Civil Surgeon of the hospital, Dr PK Sharma said ‘A single syringe was used for all the patients. The incident took place because of the negligence of the nurses as they were using normal water instead of distilled water.’

Police have launched an investigation in the matter. ‘We received a complaint that wrong injections were given to patients because of the negligence of nurses. Reports of medical board are awaited and a probe is on in this matter,’ the police said.