Daily Archive: January 4, 2018

4 died, 5 injured in fire in Mumbai

Mumbai, Jan 4  Four people, including two children died and five were seriously injured after an upper floor of a residential building in suburban Marol caught fire here today, an official said.

“Mumbai Fire Brigade got call at 2.10 am about fire at the fourth floor of Ground plus Mamoon Manzil building at Marol in Andheri East. Our fire brigade personnel along with the fire fighting system and ambulance reached at the spot at 2.34 am and swung into action to douse the fire,” said an official from Disaster Management Unit of BMC.

“Firemen covered the fire from all side at 4.20 AM. A total of nine people were injured of which four were declared brought dead by the nearby hospital,” said an official from Disaster Management Unit of BMC.

He said that five people have received burn injuries and are admitted in Holy Spirit hospital.

Their condition is stable, he added.

The people who were dead were identified as Sakina Kapasi, Mohin Kapasi, Tasleem Kapasi and Dawood Kapasi.

The cause of fire is not known yet and will be ascertained after an investigation into the incident, the official said.

Source: PTI

Rahul Gandhi to visit Bahrain, address NRIs

New Delhi, Jan 4  Rahul Gandhi will next week embark on a visit to Bahrain, his first foreign trip after becoming Congress president, during which he will address a convention of NRIs and is likely to meet the country’s prime minister.

According to party sources, Gandhi will be the state guest of the Kingdom of Bahrain and will address NRIs settled there on January 8.

He will leave for Bahrain on January 7 and is likely to return on January 9. The NRIs settled there have invited him.

Gandhi is also likely to meet Bahrain’s Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa and the members of the royal family, the sources said.

They said that he was to also address NRIs in Dubai but that visit has been postponed.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is due to visit the UAE later this month.

Party sources say Gandhi’s visit to Bahrain will be on the lines of his US trip last year.

Rahul Gandhi was in Goa on New Year along with his mother Sonia Gandhi.

Source: PTI

Fodder Scam: Special CBI Court to Sentence Lalu Prasad Yadav Today

Ranchi, Jan 4: The Ranchi Special CBI court will today pronounce the quantum of sentence against Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad Yadav and others in connection with the fodder scam. The court deferred the fodder scam sentencing till Thursday, January 4, in wake of the demise of advocate Vindeshwari Parsad. While deferring the sentence, the Ranchi special court found RJD leaders Raghuvansh Prasad Singh, Tejashwi Yadav and Manoj Jha guilty of contempt of court and summoned them on January 23.

Describing the court summon as “shocking”, RJD national spokesperson Manoj Jha said that he never spoke anything against the judiciary. “It is shocking because none of us uttered a single word against the judicial process or the judgment.”

Tejas Express. – लखनऊ से दिल्ली केवल सात घंटे में

लखनऊ से दिल्ली केवल सात घंटे में।

नई दिल्ली : लखनऊ से दिल्ली तक का सफर महज सात घंटों में पूरा होगा, वो भी हवाई जहाज वाली सुविधाओं के साथ. , भारतीय रेलवे मार्च में लखनऊ से आनंद विहार के बीच तेजस एक्सप्रेस चलाने जा रही है. इस ट्रेन से आनंद विहार की दूरी महज सात घंटे में पूरी होगी.आप को बता दें कि रेलवे की तरफ से लखनऊ से तेजस चलाने की अनुमति मिल गई है. तेजस एक्सप्रेस लखनऊ जंक्शन से सुबह सात बजे चलेगी और दोपहर दो बजे आनंद विहार स्टेशन पहुंचेगी. इसी तरह शाम को आनंद विहार से चलकर देर शाम लखनऊ पहुंचेगी यह ट्रेन.तेजस एक्सप्रेस की स्पीड 130 किलोमीटर प्रति घंटा होगी. 2016 के रेल बजट में इस ट्रेन को चलाने की घोषणा हुई थी. इस ट्रेन में कई तरह की आधुनिक सुविधाएं मौजूद हैं. इसके हर कोच में सीसीटीवी कैमरा लगा है. वहीं स्मोक अलार्म भी लगाए गए हैं. आग लगने की स्थिति में इसकी सूचना ट्रेन के गार्ड और ड्राईवर को मिल जाएगी. इसके अलावा हर सीट में यात्रियों के एलईडी टीवी और चाय-कॉफ़ी वेंडिंग मशीन भी होगी.तेजस एक्सप्रेस के डिब्बे को गोल्डन कलर में रंग जा रहा है. इसके डिब्बों पर उगते सूरज की तस्वीर लगाई गई है. जल्द ही इन डिब्बों को ट्रायल के लिए लखनऊ लाया जाएगा.