Jaipur, Dec 7: A video showing a man being hacked and later burnt alive in Rajasthan went viral on Thursday. Reports claimed that it was a case of  ‘love jihad. However, a twist has now emerged in the case. According to reports, it was a case of ‘love triangle’ rather than ‘love jihad’.

With the new reports, the case has been labeled as a love-triangle-jealousy one rather than ‘Love-jihad’, like the accused wished people to believe. In the video, the accused is seen announcing that he was saving a girl from the trap of the victim and declared  that ‘all jihadis’ will meet the same fate.

However, India Today reported the accused, Shambhunath Raigar’s act seems like a personal one. It stated that the victim, Mohammed Bhatta Shaikh, who is from West Bengal, was living with a woman with whom Raigar was in relationship with earlier. And contrary to how Raigar wanted to portray the incident,  the whole incident has reportedly nothing to do with any claims of ‘Love jihad’.

The video which went viral shows Raigar repeatedly hitting Shaikh with a plough and then with another sharp equipment. While initially Shaikh pleads for his life, in the later parts of the video he lies on the ground. Raigar, then is seen pouring some flammable on Shaikh and setting him on fire before making his announcement about ‘Love-jihad’.

According to India Today, in a second video, Raigar confessed to the crime and said he is ready to surrender.