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Tried and Tasted: The best place for mutton tikkas in Delhi revealed

A revolution knocks on the door – and it comes with a fork and knife. The world of food is more exciting than ever before. New restaurants are coming up offering novel cuisines or digging out old ones. Chefs are looking at unusual ingredients and dramatic ways of presenting food. Meanwhile, some wizened old experts continue to wield magic with their skewers and ladles in remote parts of the city. There is a world waiting to be discovered or re-embraced- new cooking styles, world food, sub-regional cuisine and tiny holes in the wall which produce the most delightful dishes. Here’s a guided tour.

Sensor to detect disease markers in breath, air

New York: Researchers have developed a sensor that can detect disease markers in breath or toxins in air, as well as tell the levels of sickness.

A small and thin square of an organic plastic, the tech could soon be the basis of portable and disposable sensor devices, the team from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign said.

In the study published in the journal Advanced Functional Materials, the team lead by Ying Diao demonstrated the device that monitors ammonia in breath, a sign of kidney failure.

“In the clinical setting, physicians use bulky instruments, basically the size of a big table, to detect and analyse these compounds. We want to hand out a cheap sensor chip to patients so they can use it and throw it away,” said Diao.

“We developed this method to directly print tiny pores into the device itself so we can expose these highly reactive sites. By doing so, we increased the reactivity by ten times and can sense down to one part per billion,” Diao added.

The group is working to make sensors with multiple functions to get a more complete picture of a patient’s health.

Divyangs are integral part of society: Shyam Jaju, VP, BJP

Talking about Union Government’s contribution towards Divyang people, BJP Vice President, Shyam Jaju stated that on Sunday in New Delhi, Divyangs are integral part of society. Union government has adopted result oriented approach for their welfare. New directions of Divyang empowerment have been opened in last three years.

He further said that society should change their mentality towards Divyangs.

Delhi can become a desert if green cover goes: HC

The national capital can turn into a desert if the green cover and forest land fall prey to illegal construction and encroachment, the Delhi High Court has observed. It said this environmental issue was a matter of concern and needed to be addressed on a war footing in view of the adverse impact due to global warming.