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Exchange Rate of Foreign Currency Relating To Imported and Export Goods Notified

In exercise of the powers conferred by section 14 of the Customs Act, 1962 (52 of 1962), and in supersession of the notification of the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs No.60/2018-CUSTOMS (N.T.), dated  5th July, 2018 except as respects things done or omitted to be done before such supersession, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and  Customs hereby determines that the rate of exchange of conversion of each of the foreign currencies specified in column (2) of each of Schedule I and Schedule II annexed hereto, into Indian currency or vice versa, shall, with effect from 20th July, 2018, be the rate mentioned against it in the corresponding entry in column (3) thereof, for the purpose of the said section, relating to imported and export goods.



Sl.No. Foreign Currency Rate of exchange of one unit of foreign currency equivalent to Indian rupees
(1)     (2) (3)
                   (a)                 (b)
    (For Imported Goods) (For Export Goods)
1. Australian Dollar 52.40 50.10
2. Bahrain Dinar 187.80 175.85
3. Canadian Dollar 53.25 51.35
4. Chinese Yuan 10.35 10.05
5. Danish Kroner 10.95 10.55
6. EURO 81.60 78.60
7. Hong Kong Dollar 8.90 8.60
8. Kuwait Dinar 234.60 219.60
9. New Zealand Dollar 48.05 45.85
10. Norwegian Kroner 8.60 8.25
11. Pound Sterling 91.55 88.30
12. Qatari Riyal 19.45 18.40
13. Saudi Arabian Riyal 18.95 17.75
14. Singapore Dollar 51.20 49.40
15. South African Rand 5.35 5.00
16. Swedish Kroner 7.90 7.60
17. Swiss Franc 70.30 67.40
18. UAE Dirham 19.35 18.15
19. US Dollar 69.60 67.90




Sl.No. Foreign Currency Rate of exchange of 100 units of foreign currency equivalent to Indian rupees
(1)     (2) (3)
    (a) (b)
    (For Imported Goods)   (For Export Goods)
1. Japanese Yen 62.20 59.85







Delhi Labour Advisory Board recommends direct contract hiring of workers by govt departments

Labour Advisory Board recommends direct contract hiring of workers by govt departments

The Delhi Contract Labour Advisory Board, chaired by the Labour Minister, Shri Gopal Rai in its fifth meeting has recommended direct contract of workers with various government departments, who are currently hired through outsourcing agencies.

The Board has deliberated on important but complex issues pertaining to outsourced workers in its five meetings held till date. The fifth meeting of the Board was convened on 18.07.2018 under the Chairmanship of Labour Minister Mr Gopal Rai, Regional Provident Fund Commissioner, Deputy Director- ESI and representatives of departments – CATS, DJB, DTC, Acharya Bhikshu Hospital were also invited in the Board meeting to give their valuable inputs/suggestions.

After detailed discussions, it was noted that the present system of outsourcing of personnel leads to non-payment of full PF etc. and also payment of outsourced agency charges & taxes etc.

After deliberations, the board resolved the following:-

(a) Workers deployed through various outsourcing agencies working in departments of Delhi Govt. will be taken on direct contract with the department and their wages and other entitlements under various labour laws will be complied by the department itself.

(b) To ensure effective supervision, management and compliances under various labour laws, the board has also proposed appointment of Labour Welfare Officer by various departments, which will relieve officers of the department performing extra duties over and above their core duties.

(c) In case of further need of hiring of personnel on contract basis, the department may obtain suitable candidates through outsourcing agency which will be taken on direct contract by the Deptt.

(c) This changeover of the present system will be (a boon for large number of contract workers working in various departments of Govt. of Delhi) and also result in financial savings for the Govt. in respect of monthly agency charges being paid to contractors by departments and GST on bills etc.

This will also streamline the process of release of wages and payment of in EPF and ESI etc.

(f) Based on the recommendations of Delhi Contract Labour Advisory Board, the Labour Department will finalize the modalities and accordingly, a Cabinet Note will be placed before the Cabinet for its consideration.

The Delhi Contract Labour Advisory Board was notified on 14.11.2017. The Board consists of 13 members and is headed by Hon’ble Labour Minister of Delhi, Sh. Gopal Rai as its Chairman. Sh. Ajay Dutt and Sh. Naresh Yadav, MLAs and workers’ representatives as well as management representatives are Members of the Board.

The mandate of the Board is to recommend welfare measures and ensure the statutory entitlements of contractual workers. Having noted that there is a very large number of outsourced contract workers and their poor working conditions, the Board adopted a pro active approach and constituted 3 sub committees to look into various aspects of contractual appointments and suggest the ways to ensure effective implementation of existing provisions in respect of contractual workers.

Four PS in four years

In the present NDA govt. some Ministers are declared frequent changer of their Private Secretary(PS).  Dr. Mahesh Sharma, MoS, Culture  is said to be one of them. In the last four years he got  4 Private Secretaries, V. Purushottam, IAS was the first PS to Sharma, MoS and served about 16 months, Ravinderr Kumar, IAS, also served approximate 16 months as PS. Navneet Soni, IRS officer was his third PS and appointed as OSD. He could complete 8 months. His fourth PS was Saurabh Jain, IAS, and he also served for about 8 months. What is the reason behind frequent changes? Only Govt or the Minister can throw some light.