Woman gets pregnant while already pregnant

Jessica Allen from California,, became pregnant whilst she was already pregnant and gave birth to two children who were not conceived at the same time and had different sets of parents.

Jessica from California, underwent in vitro fertilization in April 2016 as she offered to become a surrogate mother for a Chinese couple for the sum of $30,000, according to reports in The New York Post.

But doctors assumed that Jessica was told she was actually carrying twins after a routine ultrasound in her sixth week showed two fetuses. Her payment was increased by $5,000 for the second child.

She gave birth to two boys via cesarean section later that year in December and a month later she received a photo of the two boys from the Chinese couple with a message that read: “They are not the same, right? Have you thought about why they are different?”
DNA tests were done and confirmed that one baby was Jessica’s biological child while the other was the Chinese couple’s.

Jessica was quoted by ABC News, “I did notice that one was much lighter than the other. I don’t know how to describe it. We were like, how did this happen?”

Doctors stated that this phenomenon is known as “superfetation” and is rare because a pregnant woman’s body releases hormones to stop ovulation. In this case, however, Jessica’s body continued to ovulate, releasing an egg that managed to become fertilized.

Both children are now fit and healthy.

Jessica and her partner have received custody of their son in February and named him Malachi.

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