Kumar Vishvas Ignored For Big Meet; AAP Not The Same Party we Founded, Leader Retorts

New Delhi, Nov 1: All is not well within the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). The party is scheduled to host its National Council meet on Thursday (November 2), however, Kumar Vishvas’s name has not been included in the speakers list. Vishvas, one of the founder leaders of AAP, has now come out in open criticising the party leadership.

Without taking names, Vishvas said he has been betrayed by senior party leaders. The poet-politician pointed out that AAP has lost sight and is no more the same party he had founded with others.

Sources within the party said that Kumar Vishvas is not an active member so the party think thank decided to remove his name from the list of speakers who would be addressing the National Council. It would be for the first time in party’s four-year history that Kumar Vishvas would not be at the stage during the National Council meet.

The list includes names of Manish Sisodia, Gopal Rai, Sanjay Singh, Ashutosh and CM and party’s national convener Arvind Kejriwal.

Kumar Vishvas is also miffed at AAP revoking the suspension of MLA Amantullah Khan, who had called Vishvas a BJP agent.

Vishvas described Amantullah Khan as a ‘mask’. When asked who he feels is behind Amantullah, Vishvas stopped short of taking CM Arvind Kejriwal’s name and said, “The people understand everything. I will not point at anyone. Our volunteers and supporters know everything.”

“Whenever it was needed, I have been the party’s voice. It seems that the party doesn’t like me speaking now,” Kumar Vishvas said.

AAP’s ‘Vishvas’ Issue

Kumar Vishvas has been at odds with the party leadership for some time now.

After the AAP’s humiliating defeat in the MCD polls and poor performance in Punjab and Goa, Vishvas had taken a stand contrary to the party line that EVM rigging was behind its loss in the polls.

He had pointed to reasons other than the alleged tampering of electronic voting machines and had said there is a communication gap between the top brass and volunteers.

The poet-turned-politician had threatened to quit after party MLA Amanatullah Khan had in April accused him of “plotting a coup” against Kejriwal.

Vishwas had claimed Amantullah Khan was merely a “pawn” and accused the “coterie” around Kejriwal of “hatching a conspiracy against him”.

Kejriwal has maintained a silence over Vishvas’s accusations so far.

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