#Bihar: Woman Dies As Man Inserts Iron Rod Into Her Private Parts After Failed Rape Attempt

Patna, October 13: A 35-year-old in Bihar was allegedly brutally killed for protesting against being allegedly raped by two men on Thursday night. One of the men, 22-year-old, inserted an iron rod into her private parts following a failed attempt to rape her. The horrific incident took place in Patna’s Naubatpur.

The 22-year-old main accused has been arrested by the police. The police say that the woman was a mother of four children and the accused knew her.

The woman was rushed to the hospital after the gruesome incident and was declared dead after being admitted.

The case yet again brings back the focus on safety of women and the extent of punishment to the culprits. In 2012, a girl (Nirbhaya, as the world knows her) in Delhi was brutally gang raped and murdered in a moving bus. The girl fought for her life for days before she died.

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