Petrol Price up by Rs 7 Per Litre in 2 months, Nears Rs 80 in Mumbai

Mumbai, Sept 11: Petrol prices in Delhi have risen by Rs 7 in over two months, while Mumbai is paying Rs 5 more than what was on July 1. In the wake of dynamic pricing of fuel that began on June 16, while petrol prices went down in the first fortnight, they have only risen since then. With changes in petrol and diesel prices every day under dynamic pricing, not many have realised that they are now paying much higher than what they were paying for fuel on June 16. Kolkata and Chennai, too, are paying Rs 7 more than what they were paying for petrol on July 1.

The price of petrol has crossed Rs 70 per litre in Delhi and is nearing Rs 80 per litre in Mumbai. On the other hand, the price of diesel has also risen by Rs 5 per litre since July 1.

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