Amritsar at Top In #HIV Positive Cases In #Punjab

Punjab State AIDS Control society released data from 2008 to march 2017. And it is very shocking that Guru Nagri Amritsar has the maximum Number of HIV Cases In Punjab.

Total 42,81,062 cases of HIV was reported In Amritsar out of which 56, 975 tested positive as per the figures provided under data.

14,309 tested positive, out of total 5,53,549 cases in Amritsar district in the last decade due to which district tops the chart. After Amritsar, the second and third positions have been taken by Jalandhar and Tarn Taran respectively.

Jalandhar district reported 5,916 positive cases out of reported 2,66,665 while in Tarn Taran, 2,235 tested positive out of 1,28,779 reported cases. Least number of HIV positive cases have been reported in Mohali district in the list, out of 1,90,685 cases only 706 found positive.

When asked to the experts about the reason, they said Injecting of drugs is the main reason of increase of HIV positive cases in Amritsar.

He further stated that sharing needles and injecting equipments among addicts increases the risk.

Due to border sharing with Pakistan, Amritsar and Tarntaran have gained very bad reputation.Youths of these districts used all kinds of drugs such as heroin, smack and medicinal drugs, which has become the main reason of spreading of HIV virus.

Prevention is the best cure as far as HIV-AIDS is concerned. It requires awareness, which comes from having complete knowledge about the reasons behind the occurrence of HIV and the measures that need to be taken to keep it at bay, The major causes of rise in HIV positive cases in Tarn Taran and Amritsar districts are unsafe sex and injecting used syringes as Various experts said.

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