Sharad Yadav Gives Call to Unite Against #BJP

New Delhi, Aug 17: JD(U) rebel Sharad Yadav pitched for unity in presence of the leaders from 17 Opposition parties today at the Sajha Virasat conclave here at the Constitution Club. Yadav said the need of the hour for all “secular-minded” political outfits is to prevent the infiltration of the nation’s institutions by the BJP and its parental body RSS.

“To save India’s composite culture, we have to unite and fight against the BJP and RSS. We have to unite not to safeguard our political interests, but to prevent the right-wing onslaught on farmers, labourers, Dalits and minorities,” the veteran lawmaker said.

Citing his recent Bahujan Chaupal tour in Bihar, Yadav claimed the “vast unheard majority” of the nation is speaking in an “anti-BJP” tone. “Centre’s policies – from demonetisation to no hike in MSP – has distressed the labourers and farmers. Everyone wants to dislodge this market-oriented and capitalist government,” Yadav stated.

“And if the Opposition is backed by the masses, then Hitler could also be defeated,” he added.

Congress, the largest among the 17 Opposition parties which attended the Sajha Virasat conclave today, said the “real JD(U) would always be represented by Yadav. “Sharad ji is the one who founded the party. It was his vision. What Nitish Kumar is representing is BJP(U),” said Ghulam Nabi Azad.

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said the efforts of Yadav to unite Opposition are commendable. “There will be political differences among us. But today, our fight is against those who are challenging the idea of India. The RSS wants to attack the composite culture of India and impose uniformity,” he said.

“They want to infiltrate all our institutions. After people representing their ideology will enter the judiciary and bureaucracy, apart from occupying the political chairs, they would initiate steps to alter the nation’s constitution,” Gandhi added.

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