New Research, Dry Eyes Treatment is possible now

New Research, Dry Eyes Treatment is possible now. Yes, If your eyes are not healthy, then this news is for you. Scientists at the Technical University of Munich, Germany have created a lubricant, which will provide to the eyes proper dry only with the use of one drop daily. This drop will retain the eye fluorescence, which will help in the use of lens, Eye irritation can also be reduced. This special lubricant has been developed by the University with the help of a tissue available in pig’s tummy. which will provide relief from the inflammation of the patient’s eye.

Lubricants That Will Save Eyes From Damage: Generally, a person’s eyes get moisturized with lubricant Mucin M “3513, but some patients does not get relief with it. Considering these things, this new lubricant has been created, which will save the patient from the loss of plastic lenses.

Researchers say that it is a natural lubricant that will not cause any damage to the eyes. Daily only a drop is enough to make the eyes healty. Researchers at the Technical University of Munich say that there are hyaluronic acid in the lubricants available in the market, which have to be used many time in a day or night for protecting the eyes, but this new lubricant made by them is used only once on the contact lens.

Along with that, the eyes of the patient will get protection for a full day.

Team Leader statement: Experts have said that in order to cure the oral dryness, they have made experiment the availability of Mussin in the market and the new lubricant made by them. This test report has found that it can protect eye tissue from eye problems throughout the night without damaging it. Researchers say that the main goal of this discovery is to increase the eye fluid in a natural way without repeated need of day.

Currently, this new discovery is being tested on various animals, after which humans will also be tested.

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