Petrol, Diesel Prices up in #Delhi Check Fuel Prices For August 3


New Delhi, Aug 3: Petrol and diesel prices have gone up again in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai for the August 3 dynamic pricing. On Thursday, the petrol prices in New Delhi stands at Rs 65.69 per litre and in Mumbai, it is Rs 74.85. The prices have gone up in both the cities by 22 paise each. In Kolkata and Chennai, it is Rs 68.78 and Rs 68.02 respectively. Diesel prices have also been gone up for August 3. On Wednesday, prices of non-branded diesel in New Delhi were Rs 55.64 and today, it is Rs 55.85. In Mumbai, it was Rs 59.10 and today, it stands at Rs 59.32.

Check the prices for diesel and petrol below.

Prices of non-branded Petrol in metro-cities on August 3

Metros Prices
New Delhi 65.69
Kolkata 68.78
Mumbai 74.85
Chennai 68.02

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