FITINDIA pledge inspires Indian Army, atheletic federation of india in TAAFIRUN

FITINDIA pledge inspires Indian Army, atheletic federation of india an initiative of medscapeindia.Grand opening of National marathon in Delhi . Run will inspire people On importance of sports and fitness in one’s life is A fit and healthy individual leads to an equally healthy society and strong nation. Sports is an extremely important component for the overall development of our nation. Fit India Movement is a voluntary movement by doctors and like-minded individuals with the motive of serving the society.

The movement aims at educating and conveying the value of good health to people, creating awareness on preventive measures of dangerous diseases and encouraging people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness. The activities adopted under this movement are setting up of medical camps, organ donation drive, holding medical conferences and training workshops. Medscape india visualizes creating a healthier nation physically and mentally.

The objectives of the campaign are to create awareness on preventive medicine and early detection of dreaded diseases, educate about the value of mental and physical fitness, develop a culture of philanthropy among communities and engage every section of our society in our mission of a Fit India. Renowned Radiologist founder Chairperson Dr Sunita Dube said to media It’s proud Movement for our medical fraternity to get Associated with Indian Army,Territorial Army, & Athletics federation of India . Our organization will dedicate one awards to all this 3 organization in coming 8th Medscapeindia national awards in Mumbai to army for protecting our country & Sports federation for participating in FITINDIA campaign by taking the pledge & inspiring players for fitness .Medscape india relentlessly working towards community welfare since 14 years.

Organization have worked on various awareness campaigns such as, "Save the Girl Child,Bal Shiksha , HIV GO AWAY, HIV awareness, preventive medical camps, breast cancer detection, Million smiles women empowerment. "Anokhee Pahal" – a campaign which promotes the health, sanitation, and well-being of the underprivileged section of our society.

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