Fame Finders media made a short film on home maker. A unique concept of a Indian woman who’s day start with the sunset. Every woman is a housewife but few become home maker. Founder of Fame Finders Media Academy and Producer-cum-director of a film Manoj Joshi tried to give the real feel of a home maker who sacrifice her whole day for the family but at the end she never regret.

"We got fabulous respond from viewers, specially from Indian women as it’s touching their heart & soul" said the director.
Lead actress Gurleen Kaur, who based in Delhi, gave remarkable performance to touch the heart of women globally. Creative Director cum casting director Ritu Tehariya, known as Cheery, played an important role to make the film successful. An idea behind the film was created by the conceptualizer Vartika Sewra. An entire team of film from creative to technical pasted a journey in a very deeply feelings. Fame Finders claim to watch the film at once as it’s available for YouTube viewers.

Audience may find the film on YouTube with the link or may find on YouTube channel called ‘Fame Finders’.

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