Inauguration of Mini Science Lab by AROH Foundation in Government School, Kureli.

AROH Foundation, a leading national level NGO in association with the HDFC Bank, set up a Mini Science Lab at the Government School in Kureli village in Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh State. The Lab was inaugurated on 6th August 2018 by Mr Amit Namdev, (Deputy Manager, HDFC Bank CSR) and Mr Ramakant Kaushik, Village Sarpanch. All school children, teachers, school administration, parents, and AROH functionaries, participated enthusiastically in event. School administration was very happy to have a lab set up for the first time in their school.

Recognising that education was the core for growth and development of the society, AROH Foundation has been taking up various initiatives that encouraged knowledge and learning amongst students. Developing students’ practical skills can help aid and abet their theoretical understanding – ensuring the students are better prepared for theoretical examinations and further studies. Creating a science laboratory that can accommodate a wide range of practical lessons across all science disciplines is central to improving and expanding students’ understanding of the principles.
AROH Foundation has been a protagonist player in Holistic Village Rural Development Projects and in association with HDFC Bank, has been actively achieving new milestones of innovations and change through various need-based interventions and activities for children and teachers of hundreds of schools. Construction of toilets, drinking water facility, renovation of school buildings, playgrounds, improving school aesthetics through BALA paintings, providing stationary, school bags, water bottles awareness campaigns for improving health and hygiene, self-defence etc. have been the highlights school-based interventions. In the same series, science lab is anticipated to boost scientific innovations at the school. It will support young talent to shape their curiosity, creativity, adaptive learning and physical computing to understand the basic concept along with the hands on experiments with the help of various tool and equipment required.

Addressing to the children and staff of school at the event Mr Amit Namdev, “Development of education is one of primary motives of AROH’s mission and re- establishment of this Science Lab is a positive commencement to various on-going school renovation endeavours of AROH. Although the lab, sanitation unit, aesthetics is now complete, but the real testimony now lies in conducting regular schooling, improving the quality of education and increasing the number of students in the school, so that the future of all children is secured. And together with future of India, we are determined in creating a better India."

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