Man Makes His Own Porn Video and Sends it to his Wife and her Father For this Reason

A 32-year-old man from Hyderabad was confronted with the possibility of divorce on the ground that he was impotent and guess what he did to disprove it. He made a pornographic video with another woman and sent a five-minute clip of the recording to his wife’s father and aunt to disprove the charge belittling his manhood. The bizarre attempt to hit back at his estranged wife did not go down well with anybody. Police arrested Vibavasu, a resident of Lal Bahadur Nagar in Hyderabad, on a complaint by his wife Anusha’s family, and a court sent him to jail. Police charged him under IT Act with harassment, unsolicited transmission of an obscene video, and for making unwelcome sexual remarks.

“The couple lived together for just 15 days before separating. Anusha returned to her parents’ home, but both families kept up attempts at reconciliation for some time,” the inspector said. “But Anusha had made up her mind and applied for divorce in a family court. She stated that her husband was impotent. Vibavasu soon learned the reason Anusha had provided and was infuriated.”

“Vibavasu then hit upon the idea of disproving his wife’s charge by getting a woman to act with him in a pornographic video,”the inspector said. “It appears that a third person shot the video.”

Vibavasu married Anusha of Muthamizh Nagar, Kodungaiyur, in 2016, in a marriage arranged by Anusha’s parents


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