Five rape convicted released with a fine of Rs 50,000 in U.P

In Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh, five gang-rape accused were let off by village panchayat after slapping a fine of Rs 50,000 each. The rape took place in Badhapur area of Bijnore which is around 3 hours away from the national capital Delhi. The victim, a minor was blackmailed by five men after the rape. The accused made a video footage of the entire act and threatened to upload it on social media to intimidate the victim’s family.

After the unexpected verdict of the village panchayat, the family of victim approached Bhadapur police. After the statement of the victim, a case was registered against the convicted under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) Act. Police also promised to invoke NSA against the convicted.

As per the initial reports, only one accused has been detained so far. Rest of the accused is not under police custody. Moreover, no action was taken against the village panchayat by investigative agencies.

In the western UP, sarpanch of village Badhapur slammed a fine of 50 thousand rupees on all accused who not only raped a minor but also video-graphed the assault. In fact, after that, they blackmailed the family of the victim to keep the crime under the wraps. When the family approached the panchayat, the accused men released the video. None of the accused has paid the fine yet. The police in charge for investigation claim that the probe is undergoing.

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