AROH Foundation celebrates Kisaan Jagrukta Saptaah.

Last week, AROH Foundation, a leading National Level NGO celebrated as “Kisaan Jagrukta

Saptaah” in 18 interior most villages of 3 districts of Badaun, Bulandshahar and Firozabad. The idea
was to promote Innovative and organic techniques of farming activities to small scale farmers and
women of the villages.
Various activities like Farmer meetings, workshops and awareness camps were organised. Experts
from AROH illustrated various measures on how to enhance the agricultural yields while desizing the
input costs on farms. Demonstration on installation, maintenance and cost effectiveness of organic
manure obtained by hundreds of NADEP and Vermi Compost, that was previously set up by the
organisation was also practically elucidated.
AROH also has set up Agriculture Resource Centres (ARC) in each of these villages, which lends
expensive agricultural tools on minimal loans. A SHG of poor and small scale farmers has been devised
to take care of these tool banks and the revenue generated from the loan is reused to procure more
tools for the bank. Tools like spray machine and skyte were in most demand and ARC has proven to
be a big hit in the villages.
Even the women gentry were active participants of the whole initiative. They were demonstrated on
effective use of their spare land and utilise the same for kitchen gardening to grow organic vegetables
and fruits for domestic use. An interactive session with previous beneficiaries was also arranged to
exchange ideas, experiences, troubles and counter solutions to it. Ladies were highly motivated
towards the initiative.
AROH Foundation has been a protagonist player in Holistic Village Rural Development Projects and in
association with HDFC Bank, has been actively writing new milestones of innovations and change.
Construction of toilets, Solar run power and water facility, Skill Development, Livelihood Generation,
Women and Child Empowerment, School Renovations etc has been remarkable highlights of the show.
Towards the end of the week, farmers and women pledged to go green and embrace organic
techniques and along with AROH work together in shaping better and healthier India

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