Latest and Top Ten National and International News – July 17 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018: Bold and brilliant Kylian Mbappe emerged as France’s true talisman

FIFA WC2018: Crowds Pack Champs Elysees As French WC Winners Return Home for raucous welcome

Formalin Scare Hits Fish Markets In Assam; Kerala, Northeast Cautious, Andhra struggling to convince

Goa top fuel guzzler, per capita petrol sales (119Kg) 6 times national average of 19 kg

World’s 1st? IIT Madras unveils remotely operable 40Cr LEAP m’scope – precise view of atom as material

FSSAI taken steps to push Cos & restaurants for lower levels of fat, sugar, salt in packaged foods

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Becomes The Richest Man In Modern History, $55BN more than Bill Gates

Maharashtra: In 11 Months, 13,500 Infants Died – poor weight, pneumonia & respiratory issues

Awakening: Govt says DGCA to regulate air traffic controllers after fall in ICAO audit score

CBI rift over induction of new officers’ poses existential threat to agency puts Govt agenda at risk

Data belongs to individual users, says TRAI urging strong safeguards against misuse

CBIC to organize 3rd tranche of its drive from July 16-30, fast track clearance of GST refunds of exporters

Scam-hit PNB open 2nd centralised loan processing centre, strengthen bank’s internal systems/processes

India’s passenger aircraft fleet to double to 1,100 planes by 2027, to be valued at $60BN

Rising inflation to blame? IMF cut India’s GDP growth forecast by 10 bps to 7.3% in 2019; 7.5% in 2020

Bumper produce: India’s 2018-19 sugar output to hit new record 35.5MN Tons over normal rains

Govt to infuse 8,000Cr in 5 or 6 PSB banks that are likely to fall short of regulatory capital requirement

No claimants for 300Cr lying in India-linked dormant Swiss bank accounts, 3rd year details made public

PwC: ATMs- only all-time money for aam aadmi, RBI should support to stay relevant amidst digital push

US Pennsylvania: 11Week Baby Dies From "Lethal Combination of Drugs" Hours After He Was Breastfed

Montreal-based AI Company called Lyrebird has built software that is capable of cloning any voice

UAE: Keralites increasingly find themselves in defaulters list, Dubai dreams crash with tumbling oil prices

Archaeologists Discover Earliest Evidence of Bread In Jordan prepared before widespread agriculture use

TP summit in Helsinki: Trump question intelligence agencies not Putin on Russia meddling in US election

Disgraceful: Trump’s Defense Of Russia Prompts Outrage From Republicans & Democrats

Papua, Indonesia: Angry Mob Slaughtered Nearly 300 Crocodiles In Revenge Attack for killing a man

Nicaraguan Security Forces Shoot to Kill’, Death Toll From Unrest against Prez climbs 300 since Apr 2018

Thai: British rescuer considers legal action against Musk for unfounded/disparaging claim he was "pedo"

LAVA BOMB: 23 injured when lava bomb from Kilauea volcano slams into tourist boat

Trade War Looms over Aviation Industry’s Biggest Airshow, Boeing 1st hit as many are foreign customers

DAG Global: UK is well-placed to become leader in blockchain tech & crypto economy

UK PM narrowly avoids defeat after making concession to Brexit Hardliners, Majority reduced to 3 votes

ICC suspend SL Captain Chandimal, Coach Hathurusinghe 4 ODIs, 2 Tests on Contrary to Spirit of Game

Today’s Word – *Obeophone* – Mechanical keyboard instrument to imitate woodwind instrument.

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