Ten News National and International News Headlines Date june 14 2018

“Unidentified flying object” sighted near PM’s house on Jun7, search finds nothing, suspicion rest

Find: semi-structured block play in preschool-age children improve Maths & executive functioning

To make work out more effective, keep body hydrated, hydration goes beyond just sipping water

Just like sleeping too little, sleeping too much detrimental to health – high triglycerides, low HDLs

Fire in Mumbai high-rise: Blaze doused after 5hrs; no casualties reported, 2 Firemen hospitalized

GST 1 year: Tax regime anything but good/simple; Govt can simplify it, improve ease of doing Biz

Frowned on Lateral hiring: Gate-crashers or talent pool are 2 ways IAS officers may see new entrants

RBI Data: India current A/c deficit for fiscal 2017-18 widen on higher trade deficit to 1.9%GDP

Infosys partners Rhode Island Sch of Design to train 1000designer in 2yrs to solve complex challenges

Gujarat to become 1st state with 100% piped gas network after 9th bidding, 84% covered

Harappan site of Rakhigarhi: Skeletal DNA Study find no Central Asian trace, junks Aryan invasion theory

Honda begins delivering touring bike Gold Wing 1,833cc liquid-cooled flat-6-cylinder engine at 27Lacs

Faced with sharp decrease in qualifying students, IITs defer call on lowering cut off for JEEadmission

Facebook admits it tracks all our mouse movements– IP Address, OS, Cookie Data, Time Zone, Net speed

Pre-monsoon rain lead to flood, landslides, evacuation of residents in NE India, 75% above Avg

Odisha tribe poses 2nd challenge to Vedanta after deadly protest in Tamil Nadu on plans to mine bauxite

Taking time For Smooth rollout, UIDAI delays intro of face recognition facility for Aadhaar till Aug

Govt tells Telcos to enable use of virtual IDs, migrate to limited KYC for new mobile subscribers

Sensex logs modest gains, TCS gains on hopes of share buyback, Re drop 16 p, Sun Pharma shares up

Forbes: HDFC 5thbiggest consumer financial service company globally,1-American Exp, Indiabulls 13th

As oil producers OPEC playing havoc with price, India discuss oil buyers club with China, seek US crude

Antarctic thaw quicken, trillions of tonnes of ice raise sea levels by almost centimetre since 1990s

Nepal PM Oli to visit China from June19, may sign pacts under Belt & Road Initiative, more border points

PM Turnbull to deliver national apology to sex abuse victims in Australian response to5yr inquiry

Tesla lays off 1000s of employees in cost-cutting measure, become sustainably profitable

UK to launch Start-Up Visas in 2019 encouraging tech entrepreneur, to replace current Tier1 Visa

US Fed raise rates 2nd time in a year, signals 2more hike as unemployment falls/inflation overshoots

Kim: Trump accepted invite to Pyongyang, hail start of radical switchover of ties with US

Moon dust “likely” a sample of lunar surface was gift from Neil Armstrong: Woman sues NASA to keep it

NASA’s Opportunity Rover "Falls Asleep" After Martian Dust Storm, raise survival concern

Apple strengthen iPhone encryption to thwart police effort unlock handset w/o legitimate authorization

Prajnesh Gunneswaran shock World No23 Shapovalov in Stuttgart Open, may meet Federer in QF

USA, Mexico/Canada to host FIFA World Cup 2026 after FIFA congress voted to back 3-nation Jt bid

Today’s Word – *Hadeharia* – Constant use of the word “hell”.

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