UN body asks India to give protection to Journalist after hate Campaign

The United Nations human rights experts on Thursday, 24 May, released a statement calling Indian government to “urgently protect” journalist Rana Ayyub,who has received death threats following an online hate campaign.

According to the statement, Ayyub received gang-rape and death threats after she was falsely quoted in a tweet on 20 April, 2018. The malicious tweet claimed that Ayyub was supporting child rapists, stating that Muslims were no longer safe in India.

While she clarified that the tweet was false, her phone number and residential address was posted online, continuing the threating messages.

The statement pointed out that the government is responsible for ensuring that a prompt and thorough investigation is undertaken.

“We are highly concerned that the life of Rana Ayyub is at serious risk following these graphic and disturbing threats,” the UN experts’ statement read, also pointing at the murder of another Indian journalist, Gauri Lankesh.

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