Date with Depression – Highly motivational English poem

Date with Depression

I can’t forget you,
from the day I met you.
You possessively loved me
and stick to me.
But I don’t want you.

Your hegemony controls my action.
You are my apprehension.
But who cares,
society hates me with you.
You are not accepted,
and that is true.

The VIBGYOR of my life is lost with you.
You suppress all my glory,
So that I wouldn’t fight with you.

You loved me so much,
That you replaced all the humans of my life with your darkness.
You conquered me and my dreams.
I don’t understand how you could be so mean.

Seeing losing myself,
Wearing a fake smile on my face;
Now it’s just a curve for me.

I blackmailed you,
that if you wouldn’t listen to me,
I would tell everyone about you.

How you tortured me in the middle of the night,
the red bloody knife,
and tear from by eyes.

You snatched away my identity.
I was talkative with a smile.
Now I am,
dumb and deaf;
and that is not of my kind.

You made my life miserable
And even waking up from my bed,
is a task for me.

People used to ask me,
what is wrong with me?
And I got so filled with emotions,
as I believed that they will rescue me.
To kick you off,
punch to off,
cease you off my life.

But you the mastermind,
you potted well.
People even don’t believe me that you exist.
They called you as my illusion.

For them, you are just a mirage.
They told me even not to whisper your name.
All they want to listen is that,
I am fine.
Ok bye, I am leaving this place.
To bury down under the land,
or to be an ash and flow in holy river, Ganga.
And that is my plan.

But wait,
you spoiled my life.
You cut away the wings of my kite.
And I know that I am not the only prisoner.
Let me stand up and fight.

Why should I be afraid of calling your name.
You Deep Dark Drowning Depression.

You entered my brain.
You capture my soul.
You wanted me to kill myself,
and I know that was your only goal.

But now the time has come.
I can confront you,
as I have profound you.

You are intangible.
But I will make sure that people see your real face.

People used to ask me,
am I on a diet,
as I was losing weight.
But now I will tell them,
I was not on diet.
I was on a date……with you depression,
which I broke up.
As you were insane.

Lady Irwin College, New Delhi

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