Please Don’t Harass Us, We Don’t Want to be Victims Of Politicisation: Justice Loya’s Family

Mumbai, January 14: Anuj Loya, the son CBI Judge BH Loya – who was hearing the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case – on Sunday addressed the media in Mumbai. This comes three days after top four judges of the Supreme Court took on Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra alleging ‘selective’ allocation of cases to benches among other things. The four judges claimed that the practice affected the judiciary. Two petitions were also filed asking for an investigation into the death of Judge BH Loya which were assigned to a bench that the judges reportedly disapproved of. The top four judges reportedly voiced their protest before chief justice Deepak Misra.

“I don’t have any suspicion. There was some suspicion before but now it is clear. I request you all to not harass or trouble us. I was 17 at that time and I was in emotional turmoil, I didn’t understand anything at that time,” Anuj Loya said to media in Mumbai.

“There is no controversy. No need of politicising the issue. This is a tragic event. We do not want to be victims of politicisation of the issue. Let it remain the way it is, non – controversial,” Ameer Naik, a lawyer who also present at the press conference conveyed the message of Judge Loya’s family.

Earlier in October in a report filed by a magazine, Judge Loya’s family had alleged that his death in 2014 in Nagpur was linked to the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case – the only case he was handling at the time in which BJP president Amit Shah was one of the accused.

“It is a serious matter,” the Supreme Court said while hearing a journalist’s plea for an independent inquiry into the death.

According to a report, a family friend of Judge Loya who was also present at the press conference said, “Many people are trying to harass family members. They are trying to create panic in the family. There was no suspicion in the mind of family members”.

“Many people are harassing the family members, mother is required to take medical treatment. I request media to convey to NGOs and lawyers and activists not to harass their family members,” he said.

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