What does Electrical Engineering teach us ?…

⚡ *TRANSFORMER*: Step up your dreams,passion & love. Step down your anger,worries & sadness

⚡ *MOTOR*: Keep moving fast & continuously with high efficiency

⚡ *GENERATOR*: Generate wisdom through your knowledge.

⚡ *CONDUCTOR*: Have least resistance for friends, good company & thoughts

⚡ *INSULATOR*: High resistance for your weaknesses

⚡ *SEMICONDUCTOR*: Enjoy your hard times,they will make you only strong because behind clouds sun is still shining

⚡ *FUSE*: Protect yourself first from danger

⚡ *SWITCH*: Have reliable control over emotions & feelings

⚡ *BATTERY*: Store energy & be strong

⚡ *CAPACITOR*: Lead your life during struggles

⚡ *INDUCTOR*: Avoid ego during your success

⚡ *CIRCUIT BREAKER*: Know the problem & take appropriate action before it affect you

⚡ *CONTROLLER*: Trust yourself,analyse your inputs & take proper decision,be smart & reliable,have high speed processor for fast actions & decisions

⚡ *SENSORS*: Keep analysing your self & keep measuring your values

⚡ *LIGHT*: Keep lighting through your knowledge when its dark

⚡ *LIGHTNING ARRESTOR*: Ground sudden surges in your life

⚡ *EARTHING*: Keep your feet on ground for your safety & maintaining relationships

⚡Life is all about electricity….

⚡It is the only form of energy which can be converted into every form of energy…

Let us electrify world through our spark of knowledge & wisdom…⚡