UP govt blames contractor for saffron on Haj office wall

Lucknow, Jan 6 (PTI) Facing flak for giving a bright saffron coat of paint to the boundary wall of the UP Haj Committee office here, the BJP-led state government today went into damage control mode and admitted “laxity” on part of the contractor tasked with the job.

“Secretary of the UP Haj Committee R P Singh has taken immediate cognisance of the matter, and issued directives for its rectification,” a statement issued by the government said.

Singh said, “There was laxity by the contractor in the painting and maintenance work of the UP Haj Committee office.

On inspecting the boundary wall of the office, it was found that there has been laxity, and a dark shade of paint has been used contrary to the instructions issued”.

“Further painting of the boundary wall has been stopped, and instructions have been issued to officials that painting and maintenance of the boundary wall should be done as per directives,” he said.

He also ordered action be initiated against the erring contractor.

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