Pilot Couple Of Jet Airways Fight Mid-Flight. He Slapped Her, Say Sources

New Delhi : A Jet Airways flight with 324 passengers on board, suddenly found itself in a bizzare situation on New Year. The captain and his co-pilot had a violent argument and at one point, he hit her and she left the cockpit, sources in the top regulatory body, the Director General of Civil Aviation, said.

The two have been grounded by the airline, and the pilot’s license has been cancelled, the sources said.

The flight to Mumbai had taken off on its nine-hour journey from a London airport, when the pilot and his co-pilot got into an argument. The pilot had slapped the woman co-pilot, who was seen rushing out of the cockpit in tears, said sources in the airline.

Later, realising the risk to passengers and the embarrassment, she went back inside, sources said. Jet Airways, the sources said, will help her if she wishes to take legal action against the pilot.

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