GSTN system error – How to fix it .

GSTN has added some validations in the registration data now, which did not exist earlier, due to which some taxpayers are encountering "system error" when submitting amendments etc.

To avoid this, please ask taxpayers to ensure that:
1. All mobile numbers are 10 digits
2. All telephone numbers along with STD code must be between 11 – 16 digits. User should enter STD code and phone numbers in diff text boxes.
3. No special characters (-,/) while adding new Service Tax No./Central Excise No./VAT/TIN on the Business details Tab.
4. No duplicate entries of Central Excise No./VAT/TIN/ST etc. in the Business details Tab
5. No duplicate e-mail/Phone Nos. used in promoter/partner or Authorized Signatory Tab.
6. If HSN/Service Accounting code (SAC) was not provided earlier, this should be given now as it is made mandatory (4 digit).
7. STD code may not be entered in the Telephone no. on Promoter/Partner, Authorized signatory tab. This is to be rectified.
8. Bank account "Type" may have been left blank in bank account tab.

All the above issues to be fixed to ensure no "system error".

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