Rs 12.45 lakh to road accident victim’s parents

Noida, Dec 1 (PTI) A court here today awarded a compensation of Rs 12.45 lakh to the parents of a man who was killed in an road accident in 2015.

The district court awarded the compensation to the victim’s mother Saroj Devi and father Prem Kumar. They will get equal amounts, Senior Prosecution Officer Lalit Mudgal said.

Half of the amount will be given by an account payee cheque and the rest will be deposited in a nationalised bank as a five-year fixed deposit in their names, Mudgal said, adding that the insurance company has been directed to pay the amount within 30 days.

On June 10, 2015, Nitish Rawal was killed in a road accident in Dadri after his motorcycle was hit by a speeding truck. He was 24 years then and earned Rs 7,365 a month. The truck was covered by insurance.

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