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‘अमृत कुम्भ’ व ‘दैनन्दिनी’ का विमोचन

कुम्भ की विचार परंपरा व अनुभवों पर आधारित ‘अमृत कुम्भ’ के विमोचन समारोह, ‘अनावृत’ का आयोजन दिनांक 18/03/19 को कॉन्स्टिट्यूशन क्लब के डिप्टी स्पीकर हॉल में किया गया।

बता दें कि कुम्भ की महान चिंतन परम्परा को समझते हुए इसबार के प्रयागराज कुम्भ में संस्कार भारती ने पूरी तरह से साहित्य, कला को समर्पित अपना शिविर लगाया। इसी से जुड़े अनुभवों तथा कुम्भ के अन्य महत्वों को रेखांकित करती स्मारिका ‘अमृत कुम्भ’ का विमोचन हुआ। इसमें पद्मश्री मालिनी अवस्थी, हृदयनारायण दीक्षित(अध्यक्ष, उप्र. विधानसभा), अनंत विजय(वरिष्ठ पत्रकार), स्वामी चिदानंद सरस्वती, चिराज जैन(कवि), शेफाली वैद, शशिप्रभा तिवारी, यतीन्द्र मिश्र, स्वर्ण अनिल जैसे लब्धप्रतिष्ठ विद्वतजनों के आलेख शामिल हैं। इसका संपादन राहुल ‘नील’ ने किया है।
इसी दौरान संस्कार भारती के संस्थापक महामंत्री, पुरातत्ववेता डॉ. विष्णु श्रीधर वाकणकर जी के जन्मशताब्दी के अवसर पर प्रकाशित ‘दैनन्दिनी का भी विमोचन किया गया।
इस अवसर पर मुख्य अतिथि रूप में श्री बजरंगलाल गुप्त, संघचालक, उत्तर क्षेत्र,आरएसएस मौजूद रहे। इनके अलावा पद्मश्री बाबा योगेंद्र, हेमलता एस. मोहन, बांकेलाल जी(उपाध्यक्ष, संस्कार भारती), अमीरचंद जी(महामंत्री, संस्कार भारती) और बड़ी संख्या में साहित्य एवं कलाप्रेमी मौजूद रहे।

नागौर के चिन्मय मित्तल ने रुबिक क्युब में रचा इतिहास, मात्र 2 घंटे में किए सॉल्व

राजस्थान के एक छोटे से शहर नागौर के रहने वाले चिन्मय मित्तल ने 100 रुबिक क्युब (मिरर क्युब ) को आँखों पर पट्टी बाँध कर मात्र 2 घंटे 41 मिनट में सॉल्व कर इतिहास रच दिया है। पेशे से व्यापारी कैलाश मित्तल के पुत्र और नागौर के विजय मंदिर सैकण्डरी स्कूल की आठवीं कक्षा के छात्र चिन्मय मित्तल ने यह उपलब्धि मात्र 13 वर्ष की उम्र में इंडिया बुक ऑफ़ रिकार्ड्स के प्रतिनिधि श्री शांतनु के समक्ष प्रदर्शन कर हासिल किया। इस रिकॉर्ड को इंडिया बुक ऑफ़ रिकार्ड्स और एशिया बुक ऑफ़ रिकार्ड्स में एक साथ दर्ज़ किया गया है। ज्ञात रहे कि चिन्मय मित्तल ने 12 दिसम्बर 2017 को सिंगल मिरर क्युब को सॉल्व कर रिकॉर्ड भी बनाया था,और इतने कम समय में इन्होने इतनी बड़ी उपलब्धि हासिल की है। चिन्मय ने 5 अन्य रिकार्ड्स भी बनाये है, जिसे इंडिया बुक ऑफ़ रिकार्ड्स ने अपनी बुक में दर्ज़ किया है। इंडिया बुक ऑफ़ रिकार्ड्स में एक अनूठा रिकॉर्ड भी बनाया है जो कि मिरर क्युब को मात्र एक हाथ से सॉल्व करना भी शामिल है, यह सभी रिकार्ड्स अनूठे इसलिए भी है क्योंकि चिन्मय ने सभी रिकार्ड्स बंध आँखों से बनाये है।

Samsung India Launches Triple Inverter Technology powered ACs

Samsung India, the country’s largest consumer electronics and mobile phone brand, today announced the launch of its 2019 line-up of Air Conditioners. The new ACs with Triple Inverter Technology have been designed carefully keeping in mind the consumers’ needs and expectations, which are faster cooling, less electricity consumption and uncompromised cooling even in hot summers of upto 54 degree Celsius. Further enhancing the comfort, the latest ACs will come with ‘Convertible Mode’ that lets a consumer change the cooling capacity basis the number of people present in the room.

The new series will also have TRIPLE Warranty benefits such as 10 years warranty on compressor, 5 years warranty on Durafin condenser and newly introduced 2 years warranty on PCB Controller on both Indoor and Outdoor units.

The 2019 Series is a complete package of what consumers today expect from their Air Conditioner, be it in terms of Energy Efficiency, Cooling capabilities, Durability, Innovative Technology and Contemporary Design.

“Energy efficiency is one of the primary parameters for consumers while making purchasing decisions for air conditioners. Our latest offering with cutting-edge triple-inverter technology and best Warranty proposition makes us one of the most energy efficient and durable brands in the industry,” said Ankur Kapoor, Deputy General Manager, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India.

“Besides cooling comfort with optimum energy efficiency, the consumers will also enjoy offers like unlimited gas recharge free of cost for five years; 2 year warranty on PCB and reduced cost of installation among others,” he added.

Triple Inverter Technology is powered by Advanced Digital Inverter 8-Pole Motor, which ensures more energy efficiency and even lesser electricity consumption. The Power Boost technology in the new series produces less torque fluctuations, which ensures more effective and efficient operation with less vibration and noise.

Samsung’s Anti Corrosion Durafin condensers, which are best suited for Indian climate conditions are supported by Multi Jet+ Technology that enables faster cooling, reduces condenser leakage and offers the best in class durability to the consumers. Durafin Condenser comes with upto 5 times larger heat exchange area v/s conventional mode.

Convertible Mode, introduced this year, is Samsung’s another technology, which when activated allows consumers to save more energy when they are sitting alone in a room. Convertible mode uses less compressor capacity and thus, further minimises power consumption. With the Convertible Mode consumers can save more energy as it can adjust cooling capacity as per the number of users inside a room i.e. a 2T AC can be converted to 1.5T, 1.5T can be converted to 1T and similarly, a 1T AC can be converted to 0.8T using this feature.

Continuing with the design expertise, Samsung has also introduced a new variant with floral pattern – Camellia as part of the 2019 AC series. The new contemporary and stylish pattern design blends well with the aesthetics of the room.

The 2019 series of Samsung ACs come with a 2 year warranty on PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Controller and 5 year of free gas recharge so that there is no hassle of paying cost for GAS recharge during condenser replacement. Strengthening the durability proposition, the Compressor and Durafin Condenser come with a 10 year and 5 year warranty, respectively.

The consumers can avail upto 10% cashback on all Triple Inverter models with Axis Bank, Citi Bank, ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank, till 31st March, 2019. Samsung is also offering free installation on Windfree and 5★ Inverter ACs and charging only INR 499/- for installation of 3★ Inverter.

To drive affordability Samsung has also introduced attractive finance offers like zero down payment and long tenure EMIs, which gives the users an opportunity to upgrade to energy efficient air conditioners with multiple value propositions.

2019 series is a comprehensive line-up catering to every segment of consumers from price point INR 45,400, INR 75,000 with total 36 SKU’s across tonnage in 3★ and 5★ in PFC and Copper models.

Is it better to pay by credit card or debit card when shopping online?

Is it better to pay by credit card or debit card when shopping online?

In today’s fast-paced world, where there isn’t enough time to go out shopping, shopping online has become a more convenient way to buy the products you need. It’s not only convenient to shop online but the wide availability of discounts and cash back benefits on the various products is a plus. In addition to this, you have the benefit of choosing your mode of payment from cash, debit card or credit card.You can choose to use a credit card or a debit card for online banking, however, the difference is what happens after you make the transaction. Your debit card is directly linked to your bank account, so when you make a purchase, the amount is directly deducted from your account. Is this a safe option for you? Not necessarily. This does not mean that online transaction is not safe, it is, but anything can go wrong and with a debit card you stand to lose a lot more in the event of fraud.

So if you were wondering if you should use your credit card or debit card for online shopping, we suggest you use your credit card. It’s safer, convenient and reliable and here are a few points to elaborate this fact.

With these points, it becomes clear that using your credit card for online purchases is a better idea. Not only do they offer additional protections but also offers you the advantages of buying now and paying later. So if you do not have a credit card and are still shopping online with your debit card it’s time you stopped. Apply for credit card online and enjoy the security and financial discounts it has to offer.

Chirag Paswan, LJP on reports that Union Minister Giriraj Singh is upset over Nawada (Bihar) seat

Chirag Paswan, LJP on reports that Union Minister Giriraj Singh is upset over Nawada (Bihar) seat: We have good relations with him. I got to know through media that he is little upset. I will call him & ask him if it is so. And if he is, I will try to resolve the issue.

Rear Admiral Krishna Swaminathan, VSM assumes Charge as Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST)

Rear Admiral Krishna Swaminathan, VSM assumes Charge as Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST)

Rear Admiral Krishna Swaminathan, VSM, has assumed charge as Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST) at Kochi on 18 Mar 19.

Rear Admiral Swaminathan, a specialist in Communication and Electronic Warfare was commissioned into the Indian Navy on 01 Jul 87, and is an alumnus of the National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla at Pune; the Joint Services Command and Staff College, Shrivenham in the United Kingdom; the College of Naval Warfare, Karanja at Mumbai, and the United States Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island, USA. He has commanded five frontline ships of the Indian Navy including the missile vessels, INS Vidyut and INS Vinash; the missile corvette, INS Kulish; the guided missile destroyer, INS Mysore; and the aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya.

Prior to assuming charge as FOST, the Admiral was the Chief Staff Officer (Training) at Headquarters Southern Naval Command and played a key role in the conduct of all training in the Indian Navy. He was also instrumental in raising the Indian Naval Safety Team that oversees operational safety across all domains of the Navy.

The officer has a BSc degree from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, MA in Defence Studies from King’s College, London, MPhil in Strategic Studies from the Mumbai University and a PhD in International Studies from the Mumbai University.

FOST functions under the operational and administrative jurisdiction of Flag Officer Commanding-in–Chief, Southern Naval Command. His charter includes conduct of operational sea training for ships of the Indian Navy and Coast Guard by enhancing crew proficiency in all aspects, including safe navigation practices, damage control and firefighting drills, weapon firings as well as seamanship training.

The officer has taken over the appointment from Rear Admiral Sanjay J Singh, NM, who has proceeded to Mumbai to assume his next appointment as Flag Officer Commanding Western Fleet (FOCWF).

Cabinet condoles sad demise of Shri Manohar Parrikar, Chief Minister on 17th March, 2019 at Panaji, Goa

Cabinet condoles sad demise of Shri Manohar Parrikar, Chief Minister on 17th March, 2019 at Panaji, Goa

The Union Cabinet, chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, has condoled the sad demise of Shri Manohar Parrikar, Chief Minister on 17th March, 2019 at Panaji, Goa.  The Cabinet observed silence for two minutes in the memory of Late Shri Manohar Parrikar.

The Cabinet has also approved observing one day of mourning by the Government of India and flying the National Flag at half-mast on 18th March, 2019 in all the States/UTs Capitals including Delhi and throughout State of Goa.

The Union Cabinet further approved following condolence Resolution in the profound memory of Shri Manohar Parrikar:

“The Cabinet expresses profound sorrow at the sad demise of Shri Manohar Parrikar, Chief Minister of Goa in the evening of 17th March, 2019 at Panaji, Goa. In his passing away, the country has lost a veteran and distinguished leader, affectionately called as the Chief Minister of commoners.

Born on December 13, 1955 at Mapusa, Goa, Shri Parrikar was educated at Loyola School, Margao and later graduated in Metallurgical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai in 1978. Before entering politics, Shri Parrikar had joined the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) at a young age and became a Mukhya Shikshak (Chief Instructor) in the final years of his schooling itself. After graduating from IIT, he resumed RSS work in Mapusa and became a Sanghchalak at the age of 26.

As a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Shri Parrikar was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Goa in 1994. He became the Chief Minister of Goa for the first time on 24th October, 2000 and continued till 27th February, 2002. He was re-elected as Chief Minister on 3rd June, 2002 and served till 2nd February, 2005.  He became Chief Minister of Goa for the third time on 9th March, 2012 and continued till 8th November, 2014. On 9th November, 2014, Shri Parrikar became Union Minister of Defence and continued till 13th March, 2017, he was again sworn in as Chief Minister of Goa on 14th March, 2017.

Shri Parrikar will be remembered for his simplicity and his abilities as an exceptional administrator. His contribution to the building of modern Goa and to the modernization of India’s Armed Forces as well as improvement to the lives of ex.-Servicemen will never be forgotten.

Shri Parrikar was awarded the ‘Distinguished Alumnus Award’ by IIT Mumbai in 2001, Honorary Doctorate by National Institute of Technology, Goa in 2018 and the Dr. S.P. Mukherjee Award in 2018, among others. He is survived by his two sons.

The Cabinet extends its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and the people of Goa on behalf of the Government and the entire Nation.”