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“8 States achieve 100% household electrification under Saubhagya; total 15 States now have 100 % household ele ctrification”, announces the Power Minister

Ministry of Power29-November, 2018 15:13 IST

“Nation expected to achieve 100% household electrification by 31st December, 2018” says the Minister

“8 States have achieved 100% saturation in household electrification under Saubhagya namely Madhya Pradesh, Tripura, Bihar, J&K, Mizoram, Sikkim, Telangana and West Bengal. Thus total 15 States in the countrynow have 100 % household electrification.” said Shri RK Singh, Union Minister of State (IC) for Power and Renewable Energy. Shri Singh was speaking to media after the ‘Review, Planning & Monitoring (RPM) Meeting with States and State Power Utilities’ here today.

Saubhagya – ‘Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana’ was launched in September, 2017 with the objective to provide access to electricity to all the remaining households in the country.The Minister informed that as many as 2.1 crore connections have been released under Saubhagya so far.

“Many more State like Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh etc. are left with small number of un-electrified households and expected to achieve saturation any time.” said the Minister adding that with the present pace of electrification, Nation is expected to achieve 100% saturation in the country by 31st December, 2018.

The Minister further said, “Achievement of 100% household electrification in the country would be a major milestone in the direction to achieve 24×7 power for all. The Government is committed to ensure 24×7 access to electricity for all by 31st March 2019.”

In order to ensure that no un-electrified household is left in the States which have already achieved 100% household electrification, they have been requested to take up campaign to publicise the achievement all across the areas, so that anyone left out for any reasons may avail electricity connection under Saubhagya.

Award Scheme under Saubhagya:

For creating healthy competition amongst various DISCOMs/Power Departments of States, an award scheme has been instituted with awards of more than Rs 300crore to be won by States/Discoms. The first DISCOM/Power Departments to complete 100% household electrification will be felicitated with cash award of Rs. 50 Lakh for the employees and Rs.100 crore grant to be spent for distribution infrastructure. For the purpose of award, States have been divided into 3 categories and award would be given in each of these categories.

The States completing 100% household electrification by 31stDec. 2018 will also receive additional grant of 15% of the project cost (5% for special category States) sanctioned under Saubhagya.

Benefits to the Citizen:

Electricity in households has brought new light in their lives. Electrification has direct positive impact on the quality of all aspects of daily life, especially to the women and children.

With deeper penetration of electricity network, significant improvement is expected in delivery of other essential services like education, health, communication etc. and thereby more opportunities for economic activities leading to employment generation, increase in income and poverty alleviation.


Shri Arvind Saxena takes oath as Chairman, UPSC

UPSC29-November, 2018 13:15 IST

Shri Arvind Saxena has been sworn in as the Chairman, Union Public Service Commission. The Oath of Office and Secrecy was administered by Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep Kumar Joshi, senior most Member of the Commission, at a ceremony here today.

Shri Saxena joined the Commission as Member on 08.05.2015 and was later on appointed to perform the duties of the post of Chairman, UPSC on 20.06.2018.

A student of Civil Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering and M.Tech. in Systems Management from IIT, New Delhi, Shri Saxena was selected for the Civil Services and joined the Indian Postal Service in 1978. In 1988, he left the Indian Postal Service to join the Research & Analysis Wing of the Cabinet Secretariat, where he specialised in the study of strategic developments in neighbouring countries, including Nepal, China and Pakistan.

Shri Saxena is a recipient of awards for Meritorious Services (2005) and Distinguished Services (2012), conferred by the Prime Minister, in recognition of his exemplary work and unblemished service record in the R&AW.



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NITI Aayog to Organise Dialogue on Health System for A New India

NITI Aayog29-November, 2018 16:17 IST

NITI Aayog to begin a series of Development Dialogues to engage experts, thought leaders and government stakeholders across key avenues of long-term social and economic development.

The first event shall be a conference on "Health Systems for A New India: Building Blocks" on November 30. The conference will feature senior government functionaries, and eminent national and international experts in the healthcare space.

The idea of a health system pertains to integrating existing and future programmes, financing, human resources and policies related to all dimensions of healthcare within the fabric of an all encompassing, inclusive, long-term, stable system.

The conference is also an attempt by NITI to begin conversations around the mandated 15 year vision document for the country as a whole.

The discussions shall include topics related to achieving standardized delivery of health across all levels of care in India’s mixed healthcare system, leveraging IT for healthcare and importantly, in a fiscally constrained environment, how can existing healthcare funds be mobilized more effectively and efficiently.



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Examination for Confirmation of Enrollment of GST Practitioners; Extension of Eligibility Criteria for Registration.

Ministry of Finance29-November, 2018 17:24 IST

Reference is invited to Press Release dated 1.11.2018 and 19.11.2018 regarding exam for GST Practitioners (GSTPs) scheduled on 17.12.2018. For this exam, only those GSTPs of the relevant category were invited to register on examination portal whose enrolment on GST Network was approved as on 15.11.2018. Now the GSTPs in the relevant category, who are enrolled on GSTN after 15.11.2018 and till 26.11.2018, are also invited to register on the portal. The portal is open for registration upto 5.12.2018.


South Asia Youth Peace Conference as part of Celebrating 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, inaugurated in the capital

Ministry of Culture29-November, 2018 17:48 IST

The three- day ‘South Asia Regional Youth Peace Conference’ was inaugurated by Mr ShriKrishna G Kulkarni, great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi at Gandhi Darshan, New Delhi, yesterday, the 28th November, 2018. The Conference is being organised by Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, UNESCO MGIEP and STEP (Standing Together to Enable Peace). About 100 youth leaders from South Asian countries and different parts of India have come together to discuss different dimensions of ‘peace’.

Speaking at the event ShriKrishna G Kulkarni underscored on how the Mahatma was a man of action. He called upon the youth leaders to take to nonviolent action to promote peace and sustainable development in South Asia. Shri Krishna Kulkarni during the interaction said that ‘Indians are seekers and not just believers and that’s our source of plurality and that secularity is in our DNA’. Speaking of fearlessness, kindness and compassion, Mr Kulkarni talked about the vision and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi and hoped that the South Asia Youth Pacific Conference will be able to mobilise youth across the region.

Mr. Abel Caine, representative UNESCO MGIEP talked about UNESCO’s ‘International Youth Campaign on Kindness for Sustainable Development Goals’ to mobilise the world youth to achieve 17 SDG through acts of kindness. He stressed on youth participation for mobilisation of stories of kindness.

The Director of Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, Mr Dipanker Shri Gyan talked about the interventions of the Samiti for peace and nonviolence in different sections of the society. He said the life and message of the Mahatma offers insightful education for peace, nonviolence and a path for living an ethical life.

Ms Shreya Jani, Managing Trustee of Standing Together to Enable Peace Trust said, “As peace builders, we must listen to the stories and wisdom of our elders carefully, of visionary like Ba-Bapu, Mandela, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and many more who have taught us that we are all interconnected in a web of relationships one that includes our enemies.”

The countries represented include: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka. As part of the ongoing celebrations of the 150th birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation, the young people have come together to create an action plan to power the Sustainable Development Goals through the lens of love and kindness.

The objective of the conference is to eliminate stereotypes, prejudices across all borders, to understand micro-macro aspect of the issues, identify common challenges and develop plan of action, to build a network of youth leaders. The conference will have conversations on Gender, Food Security, Interfaith Harmony, Digital media, Art Democracy and other Dialogues. Amongst the objectives include the aim to equip young leaders with skills and knowledge based on peace education, critical enquiry and socio-emotional learning as a tool to engage with their peers. The aim is also to build a network of youth leaders and change-makers across South Asia who will join hands to address common challenging issues together.

The 150th birth anniversary celebrations offer the right climate for young people of South Asia to further the peace agenda in the region.