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Health Ministry organises orientation workshop on Health and Nutrition Initiatives under Aspirational District Programme

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,in collaboration with Ministry of Women and Child Development, organized a one-day National Workshop for Orientation of District Officials of Aspirational Districts on Health and Nutrition, here today. The workshop was inaugurated by ShriAshwini Kumar Choubey and SmtAnupriya Patel, Ministers of State for Health and Family Welfare. At the function, the State Health Ministers unveiled the Operational Guidelines on Aspirational Districts for Health and Nutrition and launchedthe e-MitraMobile Application.Speaking at the event,ShriChoubeystated that most of the developmental gains for the country will come from aspirational districts. Therefore, to achieve equity and accelerated improvements in human development indicators, the Government has focused its energy on these districts, he said.

Dr. Vinod Paul, Member, NITI Ayog, ShriRakeshSrivastava, Secretary, Ministry of Women and Child Development and Ms. Preeti Sudan, Secretary (HFW) were also present at the inaugural function.

In his address, ShriChoubeyfurther stated that this is a first of its kind initiative by identifying 117 districts under the ‘Aspirational Districts’ Programmewith an aim to quickly and effectively transform them. He added that India has made great progress in the context of health indicators and have practically achieved MDG targets. “The decline in Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) has been the highest since the last several decades which has declined by 37 points from 167/ lakh live births in 2011-13 to 130/ lakh live births in 2014-16 within a span of just three years. This accounts for an impressive 22% reduction in MMR since 2013,” he said.

Addressing the participants, SmtAnupriya Patel said that the Government is committed to achieving the goals of the National Health Policy 2017, and of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, “We have achieved impressive results in terms of accessibility and quality of services which resulted in reduced deaths of mothers, newborns and children, and improved health outcomes overall,” she said.

SmtAnupriya Patel further said that in order to address the disparities, which are largely located in pockets within states, the Government has identified 117 Aspirational Districts. “It is expected that sustained and intensive efforts in programme implementation, monitoring and support will improve health and nutrition indicators and ensure that all people have equal access to high quality health care,” she elaborated.The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India has coined the nomenclature of Aspirational Districts, thereby affirming a commitment to improvement in key indicators of these districts, so as to achieve the vision of a New India by 2022, she said.

Dr V K Paul, Member, NITI Ayog, said that there is a profound responsibility as Aspirational Districtsrepresent 20% of the geographical area and 20% of the population of the country. He stressed on the need for making more interventions in these districts and said that we require people’s movement so that we can reach out to the people and deliver required services at the ground.MsPreeti Sudan highlighted the importance of convergence at all the levels. She laid stress on sanitation and said that it is non-negotiable for achieving the health outcomes.

117 districts have been identified for rapid transformation and inclusive growth. The Reproductive Maternal Newborn Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCH+A) program is an important pillar which will be strengthened under Aspirational Districts Programme.

The operational guidelines on Aspirational Districts will provide a framework for implementing action to be undertaken for various health initiatives to guide the state, district, block programme officers and other stakeholders in organizing various activities expected to meet the vision for health by leveraging health and nutrition initiatives to bring transformation in the lives of people and meet their aspirations to be healthy.

The e-Mitra (Mobile Integrated Toolkit RMNCH+A ) app has been designed to complement the Aspirational District Programme and offers one stop solution to access RMNCH+A related statistics from different sources through a combination of approaches.

The workshop is attended by the senior officers from the Ministry of Health, MoWCD and NHSRC along with the representatives from 28 States, 117 Aspirational District Official and development partners like WHO, UNICEF, USAID, BMGF, TATA Trust and UNFPA etc., and civil society organizations.


Women of India Organic Festival to be held at IGNCA, New Delhi from 26th October to 4th November, 2018

The Ministry of Women and Child Development is organizing the 5th edition of the Women of India Organic Festival from 26th October to 4th November, 2018 at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Janpath Road, New Delhi. This is aimed to boost organic culture and promote Women Organic Farmers and Entrepreneurs. Being the country’s largest organic festival, it bears witness to the fact that women are the torchbearers of the nation’s organic movement.

“The WOI Festival has given a successful platform to empower women farmers and entrepreneurs in a festive and fruitful manner for the past 4 years. It is a matter of great satisfaction for me that the Ministry’s efforts ultimately boost these illustrious rural women’s local communities and economy by creating jobs and keeping farmers thriving in addition to spreading awareness about the benefits of organic products,” said The Minister of Women & Child Development, Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi.

With over 500 women entrepreneurs coming together from across the country with their organic products such as cereals, rice, pulses, skin-care products, fabric, jewellery, etc, this is the perfect example of how the festival is creating a revolution and making women self-reliant. For the first time, ‘The Vegan Project’ and Food Court with cooked-on-site delicacies will also be available.

Participants from the remotest parts of the country travel and stay in Delhi for the entire duration of the Festival, while having the opportunity of selling their healthy and wholesome produce to the people of Delhi and surrounding areas.

To make the organic movement more accessible to public, the Ministry has changed the venue for the 2018 edition to IGNCA and has kept Entry and Parking Free for All.



Insolvency Law Committee submits its 2nd Report on Cross Border Insolvency

Recommends adoption of the UNCITRAL Model Law of Cross Border Insolvency, 1997

            The Insolvency Law Committee (ILC) constituted by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to recommend amendments to Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code of India, 2016,  has submitted its 2nd Report to the Government, which deals with cross border insolvency.  The  Report  was  handed  over today to Shri Arun Jaitley, Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs by  Corporate Affairs Secretary, Shri Injeti Srinivas.

The ILC has recommended the adoption of  the UNCITRAL Model Law of Cross Border Insolvency, 1997, as it provides for  a comprehensive framework to deal with cross  border insolvency issues.  The Committee has also recommended a few carve outs to ensure that there is no inconsistency between the domestic insolvency framework and the proposed Cross Border Insolvency Framework.

The UNCITRAL Model Law has been adopted in as many as 44 countries and, therefore, forms part of international best practices in dealing with cross border insolvency issues.  The advantages of the model law are the precedence given to domestic proceedings and protection of public interest. The other advantages include greater confidence generation among foreign investors, adequate flexibility for seamless integration with the domestic Insolvency Law and a robust mechanism for international cooperation.

The model law deals with four major  principles of cross-border insolvency, namely  direct access to foreign insolvency professionals and foreign creditors to participate in or commence domestic insolvency proceedings against a defaulting debtor; recognition of foreign proceedings & provision of remedies; cooperation between domestic and foreign courts & domestic and foreign insolvency practioners; and coordination between two or more concurrent insolvency proceedings in different countries.  The main proceeding is determined by the concept of centre of main interest (“COMI”).

The necessity of having Cross Border Insolvency Framework  under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code arises from the fact that many Indian companies have a global footprint and many foreign companies have presence in multiple  countries including India.  Although the proposed Framework for Cross Border Insolvency will enable us to deal with Indian companies having foreign assets and vice versa, it still does not provide for  a framework for dealing with enterprise groups, which is still work in progress with UNCITRAL and other international bodies.  The inclusion of the Cross Border Insolvency Chapter in the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code of India, 2016, will be a major step forward and will bring Indian Insolvency Law  on a par with that of matured jurisdictions.


Delhi High Court rejects plea challenging a Delhi cabinet decision taken in September 2017, for the acquisition of standard floor buses

Delhi High Court rejects plea challenging a Delhi cabinet decision taken in September 2017, for the acquisition of standard floor buses. Plea alleged that this decision deprived physically challenged ppl and senior citizens from accessing public transport

डीटीसी कर्मचारियों ने एक समान वेतन की मांग को लेकर की हड़ताल शुरू , 29 अक्टूबर तक चलेगी हड़ता ल

डीटीसी कर्मचारियों ने अपनी मांगों को लेकर दिल्ली सरकार के खिलाफ विरोध प्रदर्शन किया । साथ ही सभी कर्मचारियों ने आज से हड़ताल शुरू भी कर दी है । आपको बता दे कि कर्मचारियों की मांग है की कॉन्ट्रैक्ट कर्मचारियों के लिए समान वेतन दिया जाए । साथ ही सभी कर्मचारियों को परमानेंट किया जाए।

Congress president Rahul Gandhi criticises Prime Minister Narendra Modi over Central Bureau of Investigation booking its own Special Director Rakesh Asthana in an alleged bribery case

Congress president Rahul Gandhi criticises Prime Minister Narendra Modi over Central Bureau of Investigation booking its own Special Director Rakesh Asthana in an alleged bribery case

राजनीतिक हिस्सेदारी की माँग को लेकर अखिल भ ारतीय कुशवाहा महासभा दिल्ली में करेगी महासम् मेलन

अखिल भारतीय कुशवाहा महासभा के राष्ट्रीय अध्यक्ष जेपी वर्मा ने आज प्रेस वार्ता करते हुए देश की सरकार से माँग की है कि कुशवाहा समाज को राजनीतिक पार्टीयो में हिस्सेदारी दे । साथ ही आने वाले 2019 के लोकसभा चुनाव में 50 सीटों पर कुशवाहा समाज को लड़ने को मौका दे , अगर कोई भी राजनैतिक पार्टी कुशवाहा समाज को हिस्सेदारी नही मिलेगी तो कुशवाहा समाज आने वाले चुनाव में अपनी शक्ति दिखा देगा ।

World’s longest sea-crossing bridge opens between Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong: A $20-billion bridge connecting Hong Kong and Macau to the mainland Chinese city of Zhuhai is set to finally open this week, marking the completion of the longest sea-crossing bridge ever built, nine years after construction began.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to attend a ceremony in Zhuhai on Tuesday, along with top officials from Hong Kong and Macau, with the bridge opening to public traffic Wednesday, CNN reported on Monday.

The 55 km bridge was originally due to open in 2016, but repeated delays pushed that to this year.

It is a key element of China’s plan for a Greater Bay Area covering 56,500 square km across southern China, and encompassing 11 cities, including Hong Kong and Macau, that are home to a combined 68 million people.

Proponents of the idea say the bridge will cut journey times between the cities from three hours to 30 minutes, which they say will enable commuters and tourists to easily move around the region.

Despite the focus on drive time, however, private car owners in Hong Kong will not be able to cross the bridge without a special permit.

Most drivers will have to park at the Hong Kong port, switching to shuttle bus or special hire cars once they are through immigration.

Shuttle buses cost $8-$10 for a single trip depending on the time of day.

The bridge project has come in for fierce criticism in Hong Kong, where there was little public demand or appetite for greater links to either Macau or Zhuhai, and fears the city will be swamped by tourists from mainland China, CNN said.

In 2016, Hong Kong saw 56.7 million tourist arrivals, compared to 37.6 million for the UK, a much larger country.

Lucknow: Groom’s head tonsured allegedly because he refused to marry the bride, demanding motorcycle&gold chain y’day;bride’s grandmother says

Lucknow: Groom’s head tonsured allegedly because he refused to marry the bride, demanding motorcycle&gold chain y’day;bride’s grandmother says, “they made these demands 5 days before wedding. He refused to marry after we said we can’t fulfil them.Don’t know who tonsured his head”