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Myths and Facts about Indian Civil Services Examination

By Mr A K Mishra, Founder and Director,

Chanakya IAS Academy

The repute a civil servant commands is matchless hence lakh of aspirants appear for Civil Services Examination every year. All the same, doubts and myths lingering with the examination are also countless and give rise to many half-baked truths. In this article, an attempt is being made to dispel certain popular “myths” by confronting them with the corresponding “realities”.

Myth: There is too much political interference in the IAS and the IPS.

Reality: Both the IAS and IPS officers work in close contact with the people and the decisions taken by them have immense impact on the common man. Any position in which a lot of authority is vested is bound to have controls as well. The more important the position is the greater the control will be. However, most of us tend to believe that private sector offers a great degree of independence which is not true. The top positions in the private sector are also subject to control or interference in some form or the other.

Myth: Bright students having excellent academic record can only crack civil services examination.

Reality: We all have our own set of definitions about intelligence. Can we call a student intelligent, if he has consistently secured first division? Or a student who scores 100% in Mathematics or Physics at 10th standard can be tagged as “Intelligent”. The fact is, the notion of intelligence takes into consideration various definitions. However that may be, a survey conducted a few years back revealed that most of the successful candidates in Civil Services Examination had secured only a second division in graduation which led us to believe that a high academic score is a definite asset but a second or third division is definitely not an impediment to attain success.

Myth: Some optional have better prospects at the preliminary

Reality: Candidates have 23 optional to choose from and each of them offers

equal chances of success. UPSC follows the “proportionate method of representation” which weigh every optional proportionally.

Myth: A large number of candidates are opting for optional ‘X’. Hence it is better to take optional ‘Y’, which is chosen by very few candidates.

Reality: If a large number of students opt for a particular discipline then the number of students selecting it for mains will be equally large. If a small number opt for a particular subject, the number selected will be correspondingly less.

Myth: Every optional has a ‘cut-off’ mark. Hence it is better to choose one with a low cut-off.

Reality: What do we understand by cut-off? Out of the 10,000 qualified candidates, marks scored by the last candidate mark the ‘cut-off’ thus candidates who score more than the cut-off will qualify and those who don’t will not. In a competitive examination, a cut-off score change from year to year and there is no qualifying score.

Myth: Questions asked in optional ‘X’ are difficult and perplexing. Hence it is better to choose optional ‘Y’.

Reality: In a competitive exam, if the questions are difficult, every aspirant will score less and automatically the cut-off marks will be low.

Myth: The General Studies paper accounts for only 150 marks on the other hand the optional paper amounts to 300. Therefore General Studies calls for more attention.

Reality: While it is true that more attention needs to be given to optional, preparation for General Studies cannot be neglected. Remember, every mark counts and a single mark determines success or failure.

Myth: The same subject for Prelims and Mains should not be chosen.

Reality: However there is no rule of thumb that the same optional needs to be chosen both for prelims and mains exam but it is advisable to stick to one subject. If different options are taken it would lead to tragic waste of time.

Myth: When the same optional is picked up both for the Prelims and the Mains exam then it is not required to prepare separately for the preliminary examination. Preparation for the Mains is all sufficient.

Reality: The preliminary calls for a micro approach requiring close acquaintance with details whereas the mains require abroad perspective. Hence, even though, 90% of the preliminary syllabus is included in the mains, different methods of preparation are required.

Myth: In order to crack the Civil Services Examination, an aspirant has to toil for at least 16 hours a day.

Reality: Successful candidates in CSE examination state in one voice that it is not the number of hours that is important but the work that you put in those hours is important. We all have a “span of attention “and the preparation should be tailored accordingly. However, tall claims are made about 16 hours of extensive study but weather it is humanly possible or not is still debatable.

Myth: Nobody can be sure of his success in Prelims until the results are announced so it is better to set about preparation for the Mains, only after the Prelims.

Reality: Like any other competitive exams, Civil Services Examination also has a ‘chance’ factor. However, through a well-directed effort an element of chance can be cut-down to a large extent. Preparation in the right direction steps up your chances of success in the examination to 90%. However, Mains exam is conducted 3 months after the declaration of Prelims result, yet 90 days is ‘just not’ sufficient to prepare for two optional, an essay and a General Studies paper.

Myth: The provisions of reservation are not applied at the preliminary Examination

Reality: The provisions of reservations are applied at each stage of the examination; otherwise a proportional representation to the next stage is not possible.

(The Writer is the Mr A K Mishra, Founder and Director,

Chanakya IAS Academy)

Tech Mahindra Business Process Services Recognized as a Leader in Customer Experience Services by Global Analyst Firm NelsonHall

New Delhi – September 25, 2018: Tech Mahindra, a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering services and solutions announced today that its Business Process Outsourcing arm has been recognized as a leader in the NelsonHall Digital Customer Experience (CX) Services Overall NEAT Evaluation.

Tech Mahindra BPS (Business Process Services) is a global leader in providing next generation digital customer experience. NelsonHall, the leading global business process services research and analysis firm, has recognized the ability of Tech Mahindra BPS to meet future client requirements.

Ivan Kotzev, CX Lead Analyst at NelsonHall, said: “TechM BPS’ suite of proprietary tools and platforms, specifically in RPA and intelligent automation, empower true digitization of the contact center. The company’s dedicated consulting practice, its UX design agency, and investments in emerging technology are well suited to assist clients on their path to digital CX transformation.”

Tech Mahindra BPS is featured as a Leader in three key market segments of the NEAT Evaluation: CX Improvement Capability, Revenue Generation Capability, and Cost Optimization Capability.

Ritesh Idnani, President, Tech Mahindra says, “Customer experience is one of the top priorities for our clients today and we are delighted to be recognized by NelsonHall as a leader in digital customer experience services. This is a strong endorsement of the investments we have made in automation, analytics, Artificial Intelligence, consulting and a strong partner ecosystem to deliver superior business outcomes for our clients.”

The NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation and Assessment Tool (NEAT) serves to help sourcing managers save time and money while enhancing the quality of their sourcing decisions in business process and IT outsourcing. The NEAT sits at the front-end of the vendor screening process and consists of a two-axis model: assessing vendors against their "ability to deliver immediate benefit" to buy-side organizations and their "ability to meet future client requirements".

Tech Mahindra Business Process Services provides Next Gen Digital CX & Back Office services across multiple industries, which include Communication, Media & Entertainment, Retail & CPG, Healthcare & Life Science, Banking & Financial Services, Transport, Hospitality & Logistics and Manufacturing & Utilities. As part of its TechMNxt charter, Tech Mahindra continues to focus on leveraging next gen technology to provide for customer’s evolving and dynamic needs.

Femina Miss India 2018 winners Anukreethy Vas & Meenakshi Chaudhary unfolds their Korean experience

25th September 2018, New Delhi: With an aim to promoteKorea as a memorable tourist destination, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) in association with Cox & Kings Ltd organized a trip for Miss India 2018 winner Ms. Anukreethy Vas and 1st Runner-up Ms. Meenakshi Chaudhary. To support this initiative, Gyeonggi Tourism, Seoul Tourism Organization and Jeju Tourism Organization invested along with KTO and Cox & Kings came together to build awareness about South Korea among Indian tourists.

Korea is an emerging destination amongst the travelers, as the country is known for its diverse landscapes, colourful cultures and traditions, in addition to its much popular night life & culture.

Sharing about her experience to this beautiful destination Anukreethy Vas, fbb Colors Femina Miss India World 2018 said “South Korea has indeed been a great destination, with a fascinating mix of tradition, culture, fashion, landscape, rejuvenation and shopping. It’s great to experience the way they have embraced technology, the way they have brought in economic prosperity, adapted with times and made the nation a global brand to reckon with. I strongly believe that Indians must add South Korea to their travel bucket list and experience personally what this beautiful nation offers

Meenakshi Chaudhary, fbb Colors Femina Miss Grand India 2018, echoed the excitement of Anu Kreethy saying “South Korea has all the potential to surprise you. Be it landscapes, technology, fashion or culinary, it surprises you at every single juncture. Everything seems to be so beautiful about South Korea. Though I personally did not experience it, I am told; South Korea in Autumn & Spring is twice as beautiful and literally feels like paradise on earth. I am telling you, South Korea is a must visit destination for Indians, you must soon experience it”

After visiting Korea Ms. Vas shared her some of the soothing experiences and emphasizes that the place has a lot to offer in terms of beauty and has a huge cosmetic market for women travellers. From Shangri-La Yacht Tour at Jungmun Tourist Complex, located in the South of Jeju to Going deep into the 40 meter sea-bed at Seogwipo Submarine, and seeing the countless fish, rare iridescent coral reefs, and a surreal-looking shipwreck with schools of fish surrounding it, the place has so much for every traveller to offer.

Speaking on the joint marketing initiative and content development program for South Korea, Mr. Karan Anand, Head – Relationships and Supplier Management, Cox & Kings Ltd said “We at Cox & Kings have been thought leaders in the travel space, pioneering several innovative concepts & products for the Indian traveller. One such initiative has been our association with fbb Colors Femina Miss India, to use their talent as influencers attracting tourism traffic to destinations we chose to partner with. This year, we have roped in not one, but two Miss India talents to create content focusing on 18 different reasons Indians must consider to travel to South Korea on a holiday. Anu Kreethy VAS, fbb Colors Femina Miss India World 2018 & Meenakshi Chaudhary, fbb Colors Femina Miss Grand India 2018, travelled across Jeju, Gyeonggi & Seoul creating awe-inspiring content to be later reproduced across marketing platforms. I am not surprised to hear positive reviews from both these talents, after all South Korea indeed is a beautiful holiday product waiting to be explored by the larger section of leisureIndian travellers, and as always Cox & Kings has once again thought out of the box to do something special for Korea Tourism Organisation in the form of #18ReasonsToVisitSouthKorea”

Adding to this Mr. Jong Sool Kwon, Director, Korea Tourism Organization New Delhi, said, “We are really happy with our association with Cox & Kings for this joint marketing initiative. The visit of these young inspirational women will aware people for this great holiday destination. Korea is a one stop destination for travellers as it has a lot to offer, from futuristic cities, advanced technology, buzzing nightlife, legendary food, K-Pop dramas, high-quality cosmetics and heavenly nature abodes. The city is also coming up as a new business destination with major tech companies taking over.”

Korea is an upcoming destination for travelers as well as from the business perspective.

International Hairstylist & Makeup Artist NEELDAVID Launches New Hair & Beauty Salon in South Delhi.

New Delhi, 20th September, 2018: NEELDAVID, an internationally certified Hairstylist today left the audience spellbound with his magic of scissors & razors during the launch of NEEL DAVID Hair & Beauty Salon in New Delhi, Lajpat Nagar-II. On the occasion Neel David showcased the latest hair styles and trend during a specially curated Hair Styling Session. The key highlights of the event were his Blind folded hair cut which he has performed live.

The Neel David chain of hair & beauty salons is already in 4 states and 10 cities in the country, with 50 outlets and new establishments which is soon expected in Thailand and London.

Commenting on the launch of new Hair & Beauty salon in the heart of New Delhi Neel David said “Our endeavour through opening new salons including this one is to reach out and transform a person’s look. Making our clients feel and look good and fashionable. Also what sets our salon apart is the science based styling and not product based. Just like our earlier salons this salon will reach out to the masses with quality standards.”

Neeldavid’s hair & Beauty salon was established in 2006 in Kathmandu, Nepal and will soon reach 100 mark by 2022. Mr. Neeldavid is an internationally certified hairstylist and makeup artist. Having honed his talent from different institutions such as Delhi, Thailand, Singapore, Mr. Neeldavid katwal is considered to be the first International hairstylist from Nepal. He has also been trained under Mrs. “Christine Blundel” Oscar Award Winning makeup artist from Hollywood and “Toni and Guy” (London) which is considered to be the premier institution regarding creative hairstyle.

This is not it! Neeldavid has also created a record of haircuts with razor and scissors blind folded. It took him 25 minutes to complete 5 haircuts blind folded. With an experience of conducting more than 200 hair seminars and fashion shows till date. Mr. Neeldavid is well known for his professional ethics such as making his clients satisfied with his unique style in the field of fashion and creative hair designing. Makeup and hair styling have always been Neeldavid’s forte, the maestro is confident that the new salon will create immense footfall with the brand already winning the hearts of the masses. “It is a successful business model which is rapidly expanding with positive feedback from our Master Franchise. From our master franchise shivmaya.As per Mr.Neeldavid, shivmaya would be the mirror image for this brand in India. According to Mr.Neeldavid, Shivmaya is the most suitable partner for the expansion of its International Salon in India.Mr. Neeldavid & shivmaya intend on reaching the count of 100 outlets by the end of 2022.