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Motorola Launches First Android One Smartphone In India

New Delhi: Chinese smartphone company Lenovo-Motorola on Monday launched its first Android One device “Motorola One Power” in India for Rs 15,999.

Android One means the device will have the latest Android version and regular security updates. The device with Android Oreo 8.1 OS comes with 6.2 inch 19:9 Max Vision Full HD+ display. The device will be available from October 5 on Flipkart. “The Indian market will be a key focus for us in our value portfolio (Rs 10,000-Rs 20,000),” Prashanth Mani, Managing Director, Motorola Mobility India, told reporters here. “With this device, stay powered longer with up to two days of battery life so you can watch your favourite movie while travelling and get up to six hours of battery life in just 15 minutes with the included ‘TurboPower’ charge,” the company added. There’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 1.8GHz octa-core processor coupled with 4GB RAM and 64GB built-in storage that can be expanded up to 256GB. The smartphone has 16MP+5MP dual rear camera system along with a 12MP front camera. The primary camera comes with integrated Google Lens that helps in recognising and searching about the objects that users come across.

Jio customers can get benefits up to Rs 4,450 (applicable on Rs 198 and Rs 299 plans) while purchasing the device. (IANS)

Three-year-old girl dies during rape

Ranchi: A three-year-old girl has died during rape by a neighbour in Jharkhand’s Gumla district, police said on Monday.

The accused, Bandhan Oraon, 25, is absconding.

According to the police, the minor girl of Kolhutoli village of Gumla district was playing outside her home on Sunday evening and her parents had gone to market when the incident took place.

In course of play, she went to the house of Oraon, who was alone then since his wife had gone to in-laws to celebrate tribal festival Karma.

As the parents returned at night, Oraon told them that the girl was sleeping at his place.

They took the girl to home but found blood on her clothes. The parents discovered that the bleeding was taking place from the private parts of the girl, and they informed the villagers.

On suspicion, the villagers tried to catch hold of Oraon but he managed to escape. The villagers informed the police on Monday morning.

The police sent the body for post-mortem examination. A three-member doctors’ team conducting the autopsy confirmed that the three year old had been raped.

The police have lodged an FIR in this connection and launched a manhunt for the accused.

Modern technology makes critical care at home a reality

In an attempt to spread awareness around the current trends and challenges of ‘Home based critical care, Physician’s Forum of Jalandhar organized a Continuing medical education seminar (CME) at Hotel Radisson, Jalandhar. 60+ eminent doctors of the city attended the consortium to share, spread and express their views on the concept of home health care in India. Home healthcare’s integration in Jalandhar’s healthcare ecosystem was further established with launch of HealthCare atHOME, India’s leading home healthcare service provider, in Jalandhar.

With India fighting the dual burden of increasing non communicable diseases and shortage of hospital beds, home healthcare becomes the immediate answer to India’s healthcare woes. Dr. Amit Madaan, Critical Care Specialist, Patel Hospital said, “Punjab’s health status is improving steadily. With use of modern technology, accessibility and availability of quality healthcare can be further improved in the state, and in fact across India. Home healthcare is an immediate and effective solution to ensure citizens do not have to travel to metro cities for their healthcare needs. We welcome HealthCare atHOME in Jalandhar with hopes that they will provide high quality and compassionate care to patients at the comfort of their home and save them the trouble of travelling to tier I cities for their treatment.”

Addressing the seminar, Abhishek Malik, Regional Head, North HealthCare at HOME said, “Home healthcare solutions are often mistaken with a semi-skilled maid servant looking after a patient at home. Unskilled labour can lead to worsening of patient’s condition. Our objective is to help the citizens of Jalandhar understand that hospital like care can be made possible at the familiar atmosphere of home with the added advantage of being cost effective too. Our focus in the city is to provide our complete array critical care solutions including ICU set up at home and cancer care at home. We ensure, that with our highly trained medical manpower and advanced technology, home healthcare improves access and availability of quality healthcare for patients in Jalandhar.”

In the CME, HealthCare atHOME shed light on sophisticated apparatus, devices and algorithms used by them in patient homes by exceptionally well trained nursing and paramedical staff under a centralized monitoring system that links them to doctors and specialists to provide high quality ICU step down care, and medical procedures and care in oncology, immunology, fracture, stroke etc.

President of the Jalandhar Physicians Forum, Dr. Vinod Kumar Trakroo_HC further stressed on the indispensable role that home healthcare will play in the future to ease the city’s healthcare burden and to provide a wider array of healthcare solutions to patient doorsteps. The CME commenced with the opening address by Dr. Nitin Arora, secretary of the Physicians forum and was attended by key members of the forum, Dr. Vijay Mahajan and Dr. Raman Chawla. Besides, Dr. Gaurav Thukral COO, HCAH aslso enlightened the forum with his experience in home ICUs across India and the globe.

21वा ‘दिल्ली का राजा’ – शोभा यात्रा एवं मूर्ति विसर्जन हुआ – भक्तो नें गाजे-बजे, गुलाल, नाच कर ‘ दिल्ली के राजा’ को विदा किया.

नई दिल्ली, 23 सितम्बर 2018 : 21वॉ ‘‘दिल्ली के राजा” श्री गणपति महाराज के नाम से विश्व विख्यात् श्री गणेश उत्सव के पावन पर्व पर भव्य आयोजन पिछले 20 साल से करते आ रहे हैं। यह आयोजन दिल्ली के राजा उत्सव समिति की ओर से राष्ट्रीय राजधानी के रमेश नगर, नई दिल्ली में 13 सितम्बर से 23 सितम्बर तक आयोजित किया जा रहा है । पंडाल की सजावट एवं फल-फूलो की सेवा श्री के.के. शर्मा (ऐमिल वाला) की तरफ से है । इसके अलावा दिव्यांग बच्चों को प्रोत्साहित किया जा रहा है । कार्यक्रम के सफल आयोजन के लिया जगतगुरु शंकराचार्य ओंकारानंद सरस्वती जी महाराज नें खुद आ कर आशीर्वाद दिया ।

दिल्ली के राजा के मुखय संगरक्ष रमेश आहूजा नें कहा – "दिल्ली का राजा गणेश उत्सव हर साल उनके लोगो को जोड़ रहा है, इस बार पर्यावरण बचाओ पेड़ लगाओ पर अधिक जोड़ देगे, जिसकी आज समाज में बहुत जरुरत है"।

आयोजन समिति के अध्यक्ष सरदार मनदीप सिंह ने बताया कि "इस उत्सव से सभी वर्गों एवं धर्मो के लोगो में आपसी भाई चारा बढ़ता है। यह गणेश उत्सव श्री बाल गंगाधर तिलक के सन्देश को आगे बढ़ाने का एक प्रयास है"।

आयोजन समिति के महामंत्री श्री राजन चड्ढा ने कहा, ’’धरती का श्रृंगार वृक्ष लगायें बार-बार, गौ सेवा एवं सुरक्षा ही हमारे जीवन को करेगी साकार।“

आयोजन समिति के कोषाध्यक्ष श्री दीपक भारद्वाज ने कहा कि "इस उत्सव में बहुत सारे लोग दिल्ली एनसीआर के अलावा अन्य राज्यांे से भी आते हैं। जहा पिछले वर्ष दस दिवसीय इस उत्सव में साढ़े चार लाख लोग आये थे वही इस वर्ष पांच से साढ़े पांच लाख लोगो के आने की संभावना है"।

उत्सव आयोजन समिति के सदस्य श्री हर्ष बंधू ने बताया कि "20 वर्षों से श्री गणेश उत्सव में गणेश जी की भक्ति से जुड़े सभी धर्म के लोग आपस में मिलजुल कर आपसी भाई-चारे एवं श्रद्धा के साथ बड़ी धूम धाम से इस उत्सव को मनाते है"।

इस साल 21वा ‘‘दिल्ली के राजा” गणेश चतुर्थी का मुख्य उद्देश्य” “पर्यावरण बचाओ पेड़ लगाओ औऱ बेटी बचाओ-बेटी पढ़ाओ” है। इस बार गणेश उत्सव के माध्यम से लोगों में ‘‘बेटी बचाओ, बेटी पढ़ाओ” का सन्देश देने का प्रयास किया गया है। बेटी नहीं बचाओगे तो बहू कहाँ से लाओगे अगर बेटी नहीं बचाओगे तो मेडल कहां से लाओगे। आज की बेटियां हर क्षेत्र में अपनी एक अलग पहचान बना चुकी है। बेटियां समाज पर बोझ नहीं है – हमें ये कार्य आगे बढ़ाना है और घर-धर तक तक पहुचाना है। बेटियां को बचाना है, पढ़ाना है और आगे बढ़ाना है।

धार्मिक सामाजिक संस्था ‘‘दिल्ली का राजा उत्सव समिति” पिछले 20 वर्षों से ब्लॉक 8, रमेश नगर ,नई दिल्ली 15 में श्री गणेश चतुर्थी का आयोजन ‘‘दिल्ली के राजा” के नाम से करती आ रही है।

“दिल्ली का राजा” उत्सव समिति द्वारा आयोजित उत्सव को सफल बनाने में समिति के सभी सदस्यों – सर्वश्री राजन चड्ढा, दीपक भरद्वाज, सुरेंद्र गाँधी, उत्तरी दिल्ली नगर निगम स्थाई समिति की अध्यक्षा एवं रमेश नगर निगम पार्षद वीना विरमानी, मुख्य संरक्षक रमेश आहूजा, अरूण सहगल, राजेश आहूजा, राकेश आंनद, रमेश पोपली, अचल विग, सोनू सचदेवा, कृष्ण गोसाई, विरेन्द्र बब्बर,अशोक कुमार अरोडा, मातेश कुमार, राजन शर्मा, धर्मवीर आनंद , नितिन पाहुजा, राज कुमार भूटानी, राज कुमार खुराना, विपिन अब्रोले, जतिंदर आहूजा, अजय गोयल, अनीश कपूर, सरदार हरचरण सिंह जॉली, राज कुमार मग्गो, पंकज भारीजा, कुलदीप सिंह लाडी, अमनदीप सिंह सहगल, बर्थडे ग्रुप रमेश नगर, पिशोरी लाल जौली, राजीव सेठी, डॉ. अजय शर्मा, गुलशन ढ़ीगरा, सतीश लांबा, शेखर एवं कमल ग्रोवर, कमल पाहुजा, राकेश डंग, राजन शर्मा संदीप भारद्वाज, 8-9 ब्लॉक रमेश नगर रेसिडेंटल एसोसिएशन, मोतीनगर विकास मंच, श्री महावीर मंदिर सभा, 9 ब्लॉक, लाल साई मंदिर, रमेश नगर का भरपूर समर्थन एवं सहयोग मिला.

Press Release: Delhi Times Fashion Week will continue to enthral Delhiites.

New Delhi: 2nd Edition of Delhi Fashion Week, a three day fashion extravaganza organised by Times Group started today. The mega event, held in Roseate House, Aerocity was attended by the crème de la crème from the fashion industry on its first day. People came out in large numbers to enjoy the gala fashion festival in full glory.

The first day of majestic Delhi Times Week opened with Ritu Beri’sKhadi Coture show, taking khadi from prêt to couture through her collection. The day 1 also showcased collections by prominent designers like Narendra Kumar, Sulakshana Monga,and institution ATDC.

The magic of the affluence fashion week will continue on the second day with Joy Mitra’s Monsoon Wedding Collection bringing in a refreshing respite from the India Summer heat; Krishna Mehta’s collection will speak in muted tones through pure fabrics and product innovations;Mehraab’s entire collection will splash festive shades like royal blue, red, orange, black etc.

Bharat&Reshma will showcase their collection Sartorial Splendour, an unconventional and modern approach to the embroidery techniques and patterns. Ashima Leena will mesmerize everyone with her collection Khwabeeda.

The top models like Candice Pinto, Laxmi Rana, Sonalika Sahaywill walk the ramp for the above mentioned fashion designer.

Commenting on the Delhi Times Fashion Week, Rohit Gopakumar, COO, Optimal Media Solutions – Times Group Company said ‘The only thing common between Weather and Fashion is that with every season there is a distinct change. Delhi Times has always been a conduit to disseminate and call-out all that is happening with the fashion industry to its discerning audience. Be it what’s In or Out in trends, capturing the mind of designers, or what the Delhi’s fashion conscious are rooting for, DELHI TIMES is a step ahead in covering these seasons of Fashion. With our 2nd edition of ‘Delhi Times Fashion Week’ we have grown as a platform for Designers to showcase ‘What Next’ of their creations. Come and witness a runway which will see fashion taking off to a new High!!

Rotary Sammaan Awards Honors Dignitaries in Vocational Service and noble profession of Teaching

New Delhi, 23 September 2018: Members of the Rotary Club of Capital City New Delhi came together in the capital for “Sammaan Awards” for excellence in the field of vocational service and teaching. This year the awards were given in a glittering ceremony held at India Habitat Center, New Delhi.

Speaking during the event, Rtn Neha Kalia the president of the club said “this is our way of acknowledging the excellence in vocational service and the noble cause of teaching. We have been doing this since last 5 years and hope to continue in recognizing the good work”

Rtn Ahmad Afsar, Chairman of Sammaan Awards said “The idea behind these awards is to make communities better, and bring peace. We acknowledge this, by presenting this award of excellence for all the good work done”.

This year the award for vocational service was conferred upon Mr Nipun Malhotra who is the Co-founder and CEO of Nipman Foundation that works in the area of health and advocacy for persons with disabilities. Ms. Sairee Chahal, Founder & CEO of SHEROESthe women’s community platform and the world’s fastest evolving women-only social network offering support, resources,opportunities and interactions. Mr Vivek Kohli,former India’s No. 1 table tennis player and the Vice Chairman of the Stag International. The award was given for his special involvement by sponsoring and promoting youngsters in the game of table tennis due to which our country won many gold medals, and Ms Bhavna Malik who is a Councilor of Mayur Vihar Phase 2, Wards no- 11 E received the award for her result oriented work towards the society, including the development of children in government schools.

The awards for the recognition in teaching profession were conferred upon Ms. Poonam Mehndiratta (principal, Manthan School Greater Noida-west), Shakuntala Mittal (teacher,Lilawati Vidya Mandir Sr Secondary School, Delhi) and Ms. Aparna Magee (principal, Ramagaya School, Noida). These ladies are esteemed educators who are held in the highest regard in the teaching profession across India, having won countless laurels. The awards were presented by Mr. Shivendra Tomar, Managing Director IFCI Infrastructure Development Ltd as Chief Guest, Mr. Rizawanur Rehman, Secretary Maulana Azad Education Foundation and Mr. Subhash Jain, District Governor Rotary International District 3012.

Rtn Brijesh Mathur chair vocational service of the club said “Sammaan awards are an annual tribute given by our club for excellence in various fields which has an impact on the growth and development of the society to make it a better place to live in”.