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#DRDO successfully develops next-gen military radio communication system for Indian Navy

India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed a next-gen military radio communication system for the country’s naval forces. The system is expected to assist in the networking of naval battlefield resources on the move and enhance the operational capabilities of the Indian Navy.

The DRDO, after spending eight years on the Integrated Development of Software-Defined Radio for Navy (INDESDR) project, has successfully completed user trials for five different software-defined radios capable of addressing the needs of the Indian Navy, including surface ships, specific air platforms (Dornier) and marines.

“These SDRs would replace existing single-purpose hardware-based communication systems used by the Navy through multi-band, multi-function, multi-role/mission radios, having capabilities for software-based reconfigurability. These SDRs are able to inter-operate with all legacy naval tactical radios and have integrated mission specific waveforms. The most complex and critical waveform is Mobile ad hoc Networking (MANET), which has built-in Electronic Counter-Countermeasures capability,” a DRDO document reads.

Last November, India’s Defence Acquisition Council had approved the procurement of more than 260 SDRs for the Navy at a cost of more than $75 million. State-owned Bharat Electronics Ltd will produce this equipment at the mass level for the armed forces. After induction, the Indian Navy would be able to carry out net-centric operations confidently using these indigenous state-of-the-art radios.

DRDO is now mulling the development of next-generation radio technology for fighter aircraft, land systems and for special operations for internal security purposes.


Over 800 logs of trees found buried at the elite Delhi Golf Club

Over 800 logs of trees were found buried at the elite Delhi Golf Club that was reportedly cut without permission from the authorities, a Forest Department official said on Saturday.

Out of the 895 logs, 424 big logs of trees were found. Some logs were in a decayed state, indicating that they were buried some time ago, while some appeared to have been freshly cut, the official said.

He said the Forest Department suspected that the trees were cut without permission and the logs were buried in pits especially dug for this purpose.

The official said 895 logs were found during an ongoing probe which would soon be completed and a report would be submitted.

The police said an FIR has been registered against unknown persons for allegedly cutting the trees without permission and action would be taken after the Forest Department completes its probe.

The Delhi government said that the range officer of the south division of the Forest department had filed a complaint with the Hazrat Nizamuddin police station over illegally cutting the trees.

The matter of the alleged illegal cutting of trees at the club came to light after an existing member of the club complained against the Delhi Golf Course, alleging that about 100 trees have been cut by them without permission from the Forest Department. The complainant also alleged that the trees were cut two years back and dumped in the golf area.

The Delhi Golf Club has denied of any wrongdoing in the matter and said it has made every possible effort to preserve its natural surroundings and environment.

“No action that, in any manner, harms the environment, has been taken by the club or its governing authorities,” the Delhi Golf Club has said. It has earlier said the trees had fallen naturally due to storm the club just cleared it out of the way.

India vs England Highlights, 1st Test Day 4: Virat Kohli Heroics In Vain As England Beat India By 31 Runs

India were 110/5 in their second innings, needing a further 84 runs to reach their victory target of 194, at stumps on the third day of the first Test against England at Edgbaston on Friday. India captain Virat Kohli kept visitors’ hopes alive with a fighting 43 not out following a heroic knock of 149, his maiden Test ton in England, in the first innings. Wicket-keeper batsman Dinesh Karthik was unbeaten on 18. England pace battery, led by Stuart Broad, got rid of half of the Indian batting line-up under favourable overcast conditions. The visiting batsmen were either reckless with their shot selection or got too good deliveries to counter. (Play fantasy league and win cash daily)

Happiness Mantra – Run your own Race that leads to Peaceful, Happy Steady Life.


Shared by : Shri Sanjay Chaturvedi , Journalist

I was jogging this morning and I noticed a person about half a km ahead.

I could guess he was running a little slower than me and that made me feel good, I said to myself I will try catch up with him.

So I started running faster and faster. Every block, I was gaining on him a little bit.

After just a few minutes I was only about 100 feet behind him, so I really picked up the pace and pushed myself. I was determined to catch up with him.

Finally, I did it! I caught up and passed him. Inwardly I felt very good. “I beat him”.

Of course, he didn’t even know we were racing.

After I passed him, I realized I had been so focused on competing against him that …..

I had missed my turn to my house,

I had missed the focus on my inner peace,

I missed to see the beauty of greenery around,

I missed to do my inner soul searching meditation,
in the needless hurry stumbled and slipped twice or thrice and might have hit the sidewalk and broken a limb.

It then dawned on me, isn’t that what happens in life when we focus on competing with
co-workers, neighbours,
friends, family, trying to outdo them or trying to prove that we are more successful or more important and in the bargain
we miss on our happiness within our own surroundings?

We spend our time and energy running after them and we miss out on our own paths to our given destination.

The problem with unhealthy competition is that it’s a never ending cycle.

There will always be somebody ahead of you,
someone with a better job,
nicer car,
more money in the bank,
more education,
a prettier wife,
a more handsome husband,
better behaved children,
better circumstances and
better conditions etc.

But one important realisation is that
You can be the best that you can be, when you are not competing with anyone.

Some people are insecure because they pay too much attention to
what others are,
where others are going,
wearing and driving, what others are talking.

Take whatever you have,
the height, the weight and personality.
Accept it and realize, that you are blessed. Stay focused and live a healthy life.

*There is no competition in Destiny. Each has his own.*

Comparison AND Competition is the thief of JOY.
It kills the Joy of Living your Own Life.

Source : unknown