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Twitterers angry after alleged gang-rape of a pregnant goat

New Delhi: Twitterers expressed grave concern and some event vented out their anger days after a pregnant goat died after being allegedly gang-raped.

The animal was allegedly gangraped by eight men in Haryana.

A #JusticeForGoat campaign has been launched on twitter, where thousands of concerned twitterers are tweeting every second.

A user who was angry about this recent development vented out his anger on twitter
‘Wtf is government doing in India , some muslim people crossed all the line , come on can’t someone take an action against these people ? #JusticeForGoat’

Muslim boy was beaten up for being with Hindu girl.

Dehradun: A Muslim boy was beaten up by a mob after he was found with a Hindu girl who was said to be around 18 years old, he was found in a hotel room with a minor girl from the Hindu community in Uttarakhand’s Tehri district on Monday.

The incident took place in the morning when some people saw the teenager with a girl in a hotel room. Not satisfied with beating the boy, the mob put a garland of shoes around his neck and paraded him in the area.

The boy hails from Bijnore district in UP and worked as a barber. They also ransacked the shop where the teenager worked and damaged other shops belonging to members of the minority community in the area.

With tension airing up, all the shops in the area were closed and the police force was deployed at the spot. ‘A case is being registered against the youth and police will also probe the violence. Anyone found guilty of taking the law into their hands will not be spared.’ Ajay Rautela, DIG Garhwal, said.


Katra, Hazratbal among 26 tourism related infrastructure to be developed under PRASHAD Scheme

JAMMU: Centre will develop Katra and Hazratbal of Jammu and Kashmir, under the PRASHAD scheme launched by Centre for pilgrimage sites. The tourism ministry has identified as many as 26 sites/cities in 19 states for development.

The Ministry of Tourism provides Central Financial Assistance to State Governments/Union Territory (UT) Administrations under the schemes of Swadesh Darshan, National Mission on Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual, Heritage Augmentation Drive (PRASHAD) and Assistance to Central Agencies for the development of tourism-related infrastructure in the country.

“The Scheme of Assistance to Central Agencies for Tourism Infrastructure Development aims at developing tourism-related infrastructure through central financial assistance to the Central Agencies who own the assets,” said Minister of State (I/C) for Tourism K. J. Alphons in Lok Sabha.

Other religious cities/sites in been identified for development include Amaravati and Srisailam (Andhra Pradesh), Kamakhya (Assam), Patna and Gaya (Bihar), Dwarka and Somnath (Gujarat), Gurudwara Nada Saheb (Haryana), Deogarh (Jharkhand), Chamundeshwari Devi (Karnataka), Guruvayoor (Kerala), Una (Himachal Pradesh), Omkareshwar (Madhya Pradesh), Trimbakeshwar (Maharashtra), Puri (Odisha), Amritsar (Punjab), Ajmer (Rajasthan), Kanchipuram and Vellankani (Tamil Nadu), Varanasi and Mathura (Uttar Pradesh), Badrinath and Kedarnath (Uttarakhand) and Belur (West Bengal).

Man Makes His Own Porn Video and Sends it to his Wife and her Father For this Reason

A 32-year-old man from Hyderabad was confronted with the possibility of divorce on the ground that he was impotent and guess what he did to disprove it. He made a pornographic video with another woman and sent a five-minute clip of the recording to his wife’s father and aunt to disprove the charge belittling his manhood. The bizarre attempt to hit back at his estranged wife did not go down well with anybody. Police arrested Vibavasu, a resident of Lal Bahadur Nagar in Hyderabad, on a complaint by his wife Anusha’s family, and a court sent him to jail. Police charged him under IT Act with harassment, unsolicited transmission of an obscene video, and for making unwelcome sexual remarks.

“The couple lived together for just 15 days before separating. Anusha returned to her parents’ home, but both families kept up attempts at reconciliation for some time,” the inspector said. “But Anusha had made up her mind and applied for divorce in a family court. She stated that her husband was impotent. Vibavasu soon learned the reason Anusha had provided and was infuriated.”

“Vibavasu then hit upon the idea of disproving his wife’s charge by getting a woman to act with him in a pornographic video,”the inspector said. “It appears that a third person shot the video.”

Vibavasu married Anusha of Muthamizh Nagar, Kodungaiyur, in 2016, in a marriage arranged by Anusha’s parents