Daily Archive: June 1, 2018

IVH Healthcare Assistance Program kick starts at National Fertilizer Limited

Noida: India Virtual Hospital’s Health Care Assistance Program (HCAP) which is a Unique Employee Health Assistance and Wellness Programme kickstarted at a leading public sector undertaking (PSUs), National Fertilizer Limited at their corporate office in Noida, U.P.

With PSUs and Indian Corporate increasingly going in for effective healthcare & wellness programmes to provide a comprehensive welfare ecosystem to their employees, IVH HCAP is well suited to cater to their needs. It is a fine mix of health assistance and wellness model where the employees are rightly empowered to have a hassle-free treatment experience at effective costs, is continuously guided and counselled and is made aware of the benefits of good health leading to better productivity and satisfaction.

Leveraging the wide Patient Care Partner Network across the country of India Virtual Hospital and robust technology module including IVH APP, IVH HCAP seamlessly cater to 5 major requirements of the working professionals — Quick and Timely Medical Support, Proper Guidance and Personalised Care, Choice of Multiple and Cost-effective Healthcare Options, Wellness, Occupational & Preventive Health Programmes, Special Discounts & Rates for Corporates.

Rai Umraopati Ray, Head, IVH HCAP said, “As globalisation and urbanisation converge in India to make chronic disease a significant problem, the PSUs & the corporate sector need to take a close look at effective workplace wellness along with comprehensive health assistance programme to tackle the situation. Our programme, IVH HCAP takes advantage of employers’ access to employees at an age when interventions can still change their long-term health trajectory. Along with it, the programme helps employees to manage their health, medical and surgical care. It helps patient to take an informed decision with expert consultations, working out the best medical plan, coordinating with the hospital team for hospitalisation & procedure and providing much-required counselling for patients & their family members along with post-operation recovery needs and services.”

India stands to lose on an average $ 200 billion in national income due to deaths from heart disease, stroke and diabetes from 2005 to 2015. The World Health Organisation report entitled Preventing Chronic Diseases, a vital investment points out the fact that people in developing countries tend to develop the chronic diseases at younger ages and suffer for a longer period and die sooner in comparison with their counterparts from the developed world. Out of concern about the impact of chronic disease on employee health and well-being, the cost of health care coverage, and competitiveness, employers are adopting health promotion and disease prevention strategies, which is a positive sign.

The first series of counselling sessions and talks at National Fertilizers Limited focussed on how to reduce and manage stress along with being positive and health conscious. The day-long workshop began with health risk profiling of employees, followed by interactive sessions by expert doctors, nutritionists and yoga teacher.

Dr. Paramjeet Singh, M.D., Consultant Psychiatrist, PSRI Hospital who interacted with the employees, “Stress is an ever increasing problem in today’s time. Each one of us is grappling with various issues of living with tensions and stress. Hence learning to manage stress is an important life skill in today’s time. Talking to corporate and other groups is a great initiative in helping them manage these mental health issues. It is indeed a great preventive and promotive mental health activity. Mental health is one of the most important part of health for an individual and societies at large.”

Sana Khullar, Clinical psychologist, PSRI Hospital who demonstrated stress relieving techniques, “Stress is the biggest and most insidious "disease" that when not managed properly can lead to physical ailments, mental health problems and at it’s worst, even be fatal. Xiao Ma and colleagues (2017) investigated the effects of a basic diaphragmatic breathing technique and found positive effects on sustained attention, reduction in stress and negative affect. This is just to say that stress management doesn’t always need complicated interventions, and when one is mindful of thinking patterns and uses techniques to focus on themselves, benefits can be manifold. Given all of this, attending wellness sessions for corporate and government employees are advisable and beneficial.”