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While receiving an international call, if an Indian number or no number

अगर आपके पास कोई अंतरराष्ट्रीय कॉल आई है, जिसमे दर्शाया गया नंबर भारतीय है या कोई भी नंबर नहीं दर्शाया गया है, तो कृप्या इसकी जानकारी टोल फ्री नंबर 1800110420/1963 पर दें।

While receiving an international call, if an Indian number or no number is displayed on your phone, please inform on toll free number 1800110420 / 1963

CBSE In Clear, Centre Grappling With Mafia In Education: Top Officer

New Delhi : Amid huge anger over the leak of the CBSE Class 10 and Class 12 board exam papers that has left lakhs of students across the country angry and confused, the government’s top education officer said the mafia and the rot in the education department runs deeper than in the coal mining industry.

Union Education Secretary Anil Swarup, an IAS officer who was previously the Coal Secretary, told NDTV, "In coal, the mining was underground and the mafia was above that. In education, the mafia is underground. We are grappling with that."

Mr Swarup defended the chief of CBSE, Anita Karwal, who has been facing flak ever since the question paper leaks were reported. "People were baying for her blood without understanding the facts of the case… At least prima facie, she did not have any role to play," Mr Swarup said.

He denied the role of any CBSE official. "So far, there is no complaint of collusion… action will be taken against anyone who is found guilty," Mr Swarup told NDTV.

Raja Shivaji Maharaj Mahanatya at Red fort – A review by Sanjeev Kumar , Noida

A great show is being played at Red fort, Delhi daily from 6 – 10 April 2018 from 6.30 pm.

*I have the opportunity to see the show yesterday the 7th April with my family* and noted that it is a unique show in itself and the presentation is so wonderful that it depicts real life of Shivaji Maharaj very well organized stage show.

I have seen many show in past but never saw such a huge and well organized show. I have not seen this type of picturisation on stage in past. Yesterday (7-4-18) as I have stated was there with my family.

All the members of my family were very happy to see the live show, the duration of show is almost 3 hours with 10 minute break/ interval.

A very big thanks to the organising committee . Very big parking in front of Red Fort is allocated for parking the Cars, bikes etc.

Parking to stage battery operated autos rickshaws are available on free of cost.

We have advantage to have old Delhi snacks in interval which is rare in Noida. We all know the quality of food available in Old Delhi.

Thanks to Delhi Police securities are marvelous, many volunteers from Oragnising Committe, Security guards and Delhi police jawans and officers are on duty to safeguard and security and to maintain law and order.

All are requested to please spare some time and see this historical event as we are having chance to be the part of this event.

Any body interested may book on line free tickets and attend the same.

The show is based on the play written by *"Shivshahir Babasaheb Purandare"* an historian and who is auther of various poetry , writings etc.

The play is Hindi version of his Marathi play


Sanjeev Kumar
General Secretary
RWA-51, Noida
Advisor FONRWA