Daily Archive: April 6, 2018

Another Bharat Bandh to repeat on April 10 as Madhya Pradesh police urge to maintain peace

Soon after the violent Bharat Bandh which shook the nation came to an end, messages have started spreading on Facebook and Whatsapp groups regarding another Bharat Bandh. According to reports, the messages indicate a group of people demanding to organise another shutdown on April 10 so as to oppose caste-based reservations in jobs and education.

The shutdown on April 2 by Dalit groups protesting against the dilution of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act had turned pretty violent in the state leading to the death of eight men. Many people including policemen got injured as well. All these have forced state DGP Rishi Kumar Shukla to come up with a message asking people to keep calm.

According to the DGP, the police is prepared to deal with any kind of situation. However, he requested the people to keep calm so that there would be no loss of life and property. “We are appealing to citizens to maintain peace and harmony in the state. But we are equally prepared to deal with any untoward situation,” Shukla said.

24 Flights Diverted After Dust Storm, Rain Hit Delhi

New Delhi : 24 incoming flights have been diverted out of Delhi after a sudden dust storm and rain hit the national capital this evening, news agency ANI has reported. There are up to one hour delays in both arrivals and departures at the airport.

The light rain comes as a big relief from the scorching Sun that had the temperatures soaring. The maximum and minimum temperatures were recorded 33 degree Celsius and 22 degree Celsius respectively. For past many days, both the maximum and minimum temperatures in the Delhi NCR region have been settling above the normal average.

Delhi-NCR is all set to record thunderstorm and dust storm for the next 24-48 hours. Rain started off after a while lowering temperatures further.

The storm dipped the visibility, leading to vehicles plying on the streets coming to a standstill momentarily, while pedestrians rushed to seek shelter.

Rains have been scarce since the beginning of the year. While January just saw one rainy day recording mere 4.4 mm of rain, February remained absolutely dry.